DIY Disney Autograph Book with Scrapbooking Attitude

This has been a fum-filled unforgettable week.  As I am certain you know, we have spent Raileigh’s birthday week at the most magical place on Earth– Walt Disney World!  However, this good thing must come to an end and we leave for home today.

As we prepare to go (only physically– NEVER in our hearts!), I wanted to share with you something that I made for Raileigh to use while we were here–

A Disney Autograph book!

Yes, I know that Disney sells several autograph books and some even come with matching pens.  However, there are several reasons that I always choose to bring my own from home:

  • The Disney autograph books are flimsy.  I have seen multiple kids with books that look like they are falling apart.
  • There are not a lot of pages in the Disney autograph books.  I think there are around 20.  We meet A LOT of characters and 20 pages just won’t do.
  • The pens that come with the autograph books are very cheaply made.  I have loaned out my sharpie more than once to kids with a broken pen or one that ran out of ink.
  • Disney is special and I want Raileigh’s autograph book to be special, too.

Luckily, right before we left I received the most AWESOME new craft product in the mail– Scrapbooking Attitude!  This product allows you to customize projects like never before using a computer and ink jet printer.

This was a really simple project that came together quickly one afternoon.  It is very easy to personalize with custom sayings, dates, or your child’s favorite character.

So… would you like to make your own?  Perhaps you aren’t going to Disney right now.  Go ahead and pin this, though, because you will definitely want to remember it when you do start planning a trip!


  • A blank, unlined book with thick pages (we found ours for $3.99 at Barnes and Noble)
  • 1 Sheet of Scrapbooking Attitude
  • 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper
  • Inkjet Printer (DO NOT use a laser printer)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of computer paper
  • Double Sided Tape or other adhesive


Start with your blank book.  Mine was a sketch book that we picked up at Barnes and Noble for $3.99.  It has 60 pages and they are pretty thick.  We’re going to create a custom cover for the book and transform it from a plain, boring sketch book to a Disney Autograph Book that is just waiting to be filled with signatures!

My actual book measures 6.5″ x 4.5″.  However,  I want my cover to start just to the right of the spirals.  I measured to the edge of the book from this point and it was 6.375″.

I decided to custom design a cover image using Microsoft Word and some awesome free fonts.

I’ll walk you through exactly what I did, step by step.

  • Create a rectangle that is 6.5″ x 7.375″.  I got this number by adding 1″ to all sides EXCEPT the one that will butt up against the spiral rings.  I added this inch because I wanted extra material to fold over the edges of the book.  If that doesn’t make sense now, just be patient and trust me– it should as we progress through the tutorial.  Make the rectangle have no fill inside.
  • Now, create a a text box.  You will want this box to be the actual measurement of the cover you are creating.  In my case, this was 4.5″ x 6.375″.  You will want to line the text box up inside the rectangle so that the left side is on top of each other and it is centered from top to bottom.  This should leave a 1″ border on the bottom, right, and top.
  • The fun part– creating the cover.  Both the Mickey Mouse heads and “Disney World” were made using the free Waltograph font.  “Disney World” is at size 55 and the mouse heads are at size 28.  The rest of the type is the free font cinnamon cake and is at size 28.  Everything is centered within the text box.
  • After the design was complete, I removed the border around the text box.  This isn’t necessary, but I didn’t want to be able to see the line around the edges of our cover.

Now, it’s time to print your design.  You MUST use an ink jet printer for this step.  You will want to print your design as a mirror image.  This may seem odd now, but due to the way the product is adhered, it is necessary.  Print a test image on regular paper to make sure you are happy with the design and to ensure that it does indeed print as a mirror image.

Fresh out of the printer!

Now, time to print onto the Scrapbooking Attitude!  You are trying to print onto the glossy side, which meant that I needed to load the product glossy side down into my printer.  Check your printer to ensure which way the product needs to be loaded.  I double-checked that mirror image was still selected and selected “photo” and “glossy photo paper” under printer settings.

Once your design is printed, let it dry for a bit.  I gave it about 1.5 hours.  Then, plug in your iron to heat up.  Turn off any steam and set it to medium-high heat.  While the iron is heating up, cut out around the dashed line making up the square.  Peel off the backing material and gently press the Scrapbooking Attitude product onto the right side of your scrapbooking paper.  I tried to line up the edges so I would have less cutting to do later.  Your design should now look right and no longer like a mirror image.

Place a blank sheet of computer paper on top of your design and scrapbook paper.  Now, you will carefully iron on top of the computer paper for about 60 seconds.  DO NOT iron directly onto the Scrapbooking Attitude.  You will have a big mess on your hands!

This process should adhere the Scrapbooking Attitude to your scrapbook paper.  If you see spots that are not adhered, simply put the computer paper back down and iron for a bit longer.  Then, I cut out my scrapbooking paper, using the edge of the Scrapbooking Attitude as a guide.

Time to attach the design to the cover of the book!  I wanted to make sure everything lined up perfectly, so I turned the scrapbook paper over to the back and traced the three edges of the book cover (all except the spiral-bound edge).

Next, I covered the front of the cover with double-sided tape.  You can use another adhesive, such as glue, but I just love double-sided tape.

Then, I carefully placed my design on top of the cover, using the outline I traced as a guide.  Once the design was in place, I carefully pressed down to adhere it well.

Next, I folded over the edges onto the back of the front cover.

Then I got out the scissors again and cut out little diamond shaped pieces from each corner.  I really only cut two lines, but the piece that was removed is shaped like a diamond.

Put double-sided tape (or whatever adhesive you’re using) on the wrong side of all three flaps.  Press down.

Now, you could stop here and be completely fine.  However, I decided to add an extra little piece to make the inside look more finished.  I simply cut a piece of my scrapbooking paper to 6.25″ x 4″ and adhered it to the inside cover using double-sided tape.


I know this seems like a lot of steps, but it really is quite easy!  I just over-explained everything since Scrapbooking Attitude is a new product that I don’t think many of you are familiar with.  However, it is really a lot of fun and opens up so many options in the papercrafting world.  Really- can you imagine all of the fun scrapbook layouts you could make with this?

Scrapbooking Attitude can also be used on other surfaces, though I have yet to do so.  Check back soon, though, because I have MANY more projects in mind!

I encourage you to get in touch with Scrapbooking Attitude across social media.  They share lots of fun projects and you’ll uncover all sorts of great ways to use this revolutionary product.

Disclosure:  I completed this project as part of a compensated campaign through Blueprint Social and Scrapbooking Attitude.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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      This is a fabulous idea and I am going to attempt to do something similar for our upcoming trip. Thank you for sharing. Question: How did you make the Mickey heads? I’ve downloaded the Waltograph font, but can’t figure out how to do this part. Thanks!

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