DIY Beach Memories Jar with Martha Stewart Glass Paints

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sand between your toes.  We live in close proximity to numerous beaches along the South Carolina coast, and we do our best to enjoy them as often as possible.

I love to bring home treasures from the beach.  Shells, driftwood, sand, beach glass– you name it, I have probably picked it up at one time or another.  However, most of those beautiful treasures are now sitting in bags or boxes in a closet.  I think that they are meant to be enjoyed.

That is why I decided to create a Beach Memories Jar.  Today, I am going to teach you how to make one, too.  But first, I want to show you how I became inspired to create this fun, yet useful project.

A few weeks back, I received a wonderful box packed full of amazing products from Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Glass Paint line made exclusively for Michael’s Craft Stores.

There were paints galore, multiple packs of stencils, and all kinds of useful tools to make a variety of projects.  I’ll be honest– I immediately wanted to paint every last glass surface in my household!

While I have already created several projects (don’t worry– you’ll see them all in the coming days!), I wanted to share this one with you first.  I was inspired by the Ocean Martha Stewart Glass Silkscreen that was included in my package.  The sea-themed designs were just begging to be used in a fun beach project.

So, let’s get started on your very own Beach Memories Jar!

Supplies for the Jar:

  • Blank Canning Jar (found in the glassware section at Michael’s for less than $3)
  • Martha Stewart Gloss Opaque Glass Paint in Chipolte
  • Paint Dauber (3/8″ is the size I used; a different size would probably be fine!)
  • Ocean Martha Stewart Glass Silkscreen
  • Paper plate or or surface to squeeze your paint onto
  • Beach treasures

For the tag, any cardstock or other thick tag would do.  However, I created this one with my Cricut.  If you’d like to create one just like mine, you will need:

  • Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
  • White Cardstock
  • Small piece of jute or twine
  • Small alphabet stamp set
  • red ink


I started with a clean jar.  If you jar isn’t clean, I recommend cleaning it with a little rubbing alcohol before you begin.  Any silkscreen in this package would be GREAT for this project.  However, I went with the crab because I really wanted to use the bold chipolte paint color, and I thought they paired really well together. 

I carefully removed the backing from the adhesive silkscreen and positioned the silkscreen where I wanted it on my jar.  There are seams on the side of the jar, and I used those to help me center the design.

Next, I squeezed some of the paint out onto the paper plate.  Don’t squeeze a lot.  I found that a little goes a long way!  Next, I dipped my dauber into the paint and “daubed” it over the silkscreen (Does that even make sense?  If you’ve ever sponge painted, it’s like that).

View from the back of the jar, looking in

As I went, I saw that if I turned the jar around and looked at the back, I could easily see which areas of the silkscreen needed more paint and which areas were good.  Now, an important tip– paint fast!  This paint dries so quickly and if you don’t paint fast, it will dry in those little crevices on the silkscreen and keep paint from going through.  Yes, I speak from experience!

You will want to remove the silkscreen while the paint is still wet.  This is important, too.  If you wait until the paint has dried, it will peel off right along with your silkscreen.

Just peeled the silkscreen off!

Stand back and admire your handy work.  In just a matter of minutes, you transformed a boring old jar into something beautiful to hold all of those treasures.  Wait about 24 hours before filling it up, though, just to make sure the paint has dried completely.  You can follow directions on the package if you’d like to cure it in the oven.  If you let the paint air cure, it takes about 21 days to cure completely.

In the mean time, let’s make a cardstock tag for the jar!

Using the Art Philosophy Cartridge for Cricut, I cut the (shift) tag on Page 40 at 3 inches from some white cardstock.  Then, using my small alphabet stamps and some red ink (it’s apple scented– I borrowed it from my daughter) I stamped the name of the beach that these treasures were gathered from.

Then, using a small piece of jute, I tied the tag around the rim of the jar.  If it’s been 24 hours, fill the jar up!  There are some shells mixed in with the sand, as well as a crab shell and a few seashells on top.

I love that this Beach Memories Jar provides an attractive and fun way to preserve the memories of sun-filled days in the sand.  I have already warned my husband– I might be making a jar for all of our future beach trips!

Here are some ideas to change the project up a bit:

  • Purchase smaller jars (baby food jars would work great!) and let each of your kids make their own Beach Memories Jar during your next beach trip.
  • Paint the lid of your jar or apply scrapbook paper using Mod Podge.  This would provide an additional pop of color and could easily be coordinated with the silkscreen and paint that you choose.
  • If you frequent one certain beach, add a date to your jar tag so that you will be able to keep the jars separate from year to year.
  • If you cannot decide which silkscreen you want to use, use one on each side of the jar.  You’d get to have more fun painting and it would look good from all angles!

As you can see, I have so many ideas whirling around in my head!  If only there were more hours in the day, my entire house would be filled with projects created using the Martha Stewart Glass Paint products.  

Stay tuned because you will definitely see more of these fun craft products used here in the future.  In the mean time, get inspired by Plaid on social media:

Disclosure:  I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Blueprint Social and Plaid’s Martha Stewart Glass Paint.  All opinions and ideas are my own.