Disney’s Spirit of Aloha – Dinner Show Luau!

Darren and Desi always find the coolest and unique gifts to give Kevin and I. Their gifts show us a great time AND a new experience. For example, for Kevin’s birthday this past year, they got him a “Be the Chef” experience at Benihana (a DELICIOUS Japanese restaurant). This was a BLAST because Kevin got to learn how to cook hibachi. Then, he cooked for all of us! It was a great and fun experience!

We had been planning our trip to Orlando long before Kevin and I were actually married. However, we did plan it so that Kevin and I would be married before the trip. So, for our wedding gift Darren and Desi gave us a date night in Orlando! It is called the Spirit of Aloha – and it is a scrumptious luau dinner show!!

The dinner is at the BEAUTIFUL Disney Polynesian Resort. The moment we walked in, I told Kevin that the next time we come to Disney World… THIS is where we are going to stay! It is absolutely BREATHTAKING! It’s as if you are walking right into a tropical paradise. Absolutely beautiful!

When you first go into Disney’s Polynesian resort and check in for the Luau, they have a Disney PhotoPass photographer there ready to take your photo. I loved this because you got a beautiful photo memory of your experience. On top of that, the background of this photo (the Polynesian Resort), is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The seating of this Luau is in a beautiful inside/outside theater. You eat in a covered area, but you breathe fresh air and the show occurs in the non-covered part. The entire area is decorated to look JUST like your on a tropical island – it is so beautiful!

When we sat down, we already had food waiting on us! Pineapple-Coconut bread, salad, and fresh pineapple. The bread was not like your typical bread – it was sweet and had a hint of fruit flavor. It was SO good. Kevin ate the whole loaf in about 2.5 seconds. Then, there is a freshly sliced plate of pineapple… which Kevin also ate in about 2.5 seconds (and then asked for more!).

You’re probably thinking that Kevin ate most of the appetizer and that left nothing for me! Well, don’t worry. I hardly even noticed that Kevin ate all the bread and pineapple. Why? Because I was also scarfing down my own food… the SALAD! The salad was a delicious bed of mixed greens, mandarin oranges, and the most INCREDIBLE Mango-Poppy Seed Dressing.

The salad at our table was enough for more than two people… but I most definitely ate ALL of the salad in about 2.5 seconds… by myself!

Before the main course came out, the dinner show began. It was such a great show. It is the story of a girl who is about to leave for college. Her Auntie cared about her deeply and wanted to throw her a big “Aloha” Luau before she left.

What Auntie wanted most of all, was to remind her niece to continue all of their ancestor’s traditions. So, multiple scenes of the dinner show were of various dances and traditions that had been passed down through many generations of the people of the South Pacific.

Isn’t he just HANDSOME?

The main course consisted of BBQ Pork Ribs, Roasted Chicken, Polynesian Rice, and Seasonal Vegetables. It worked out perfectly because Kevin LOVED the chicken, and I LOVED the BBQ Ribs. We both ate and ate until we were about to POP!

The ribs were covered in a sweet BBQ sauce and topped with pineapple. I LOVED this because I would knock the pineapple off of the ribs and mix it in my Polynesian rice. The bold flavors of the rice combined with the sweetness of the sauce and pineapple made a DELICIOUS combination!

It was amazing how fast all of the dancers moved! (Which is why my photos are a tad bit blurry…). Our favorite part of the show was when the FIRE twirler came out! It was incredible! He moved SO fast with the fire. I apologize for not having any photos of this… he was moving so fast that I couldn’t catch a good picture!

My favorite part of the entire night was when the dancers had audience members come up and dance. For one, it was HILARIOUS when the adult males came up and tried to do the same dance as the female dancers. It produced lots of good laughs!

On a sweeter note, during this same part of the night they asked for couples who were celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or were newly weds to come up and slow dance. This was so special for Kevin and I because we did not have dancing at our wedding. So, we had our “first dance” as husband and wife at Disney’s Spirit of Aloha.

Altogether, this night was unforgettable. We were surrounded by delicious food and great entertainment. This night also gave Kevin and I a chance to have fun TOGETHER. Disney’s Spirit of Aloha is perfect for couples (married or not), families, and for any other type of get-together.

So, head on over to Disney’s Spirit of Aloha dinner show website and check it out. Next time you go to Orlando, do not miss out on this incredible opportunity! You’ll have a blast – just like us!

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for this post. Kevin and I attended the Spirit of Aloha Luau while in Walt Disney World. This post was voluntary and all opinions are my own.