Designing Tomorrow – Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bags

Hey y’all! Angela, here. I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone about a few new products in my Etsy shop, Designing Tomorrow…. The Monogrammed Canvas Totes.

I chose 6 very special ladies to be my bridesmaids in my wedding. Since each of those ladies are so very special to me, I wanted to design something personalized, stylish, and useful for each of them. That is how these bags were born.

So, here are the bags that I have listed in my shop so far. If you stay tuned to Designing Tomorrow, you will eventually see more colors and styles! My brain is constantly turning and searching for new and exciting designs.

Monogrammed Ruffle and Lace Tote Bag – Orange and Gray

Each of the bags have a liner that matches the color of the middle stripe. For example, the inside of this bag is lined with the beautiful orange fabric. I did this to really tie in one of Jillian’s favorite colors, orange.

Monogrammed Ruffle and Lace Tote – Pink and Gray

I absolutely LOVE the lace that is on these bags. Why? Because the shiny white is beautiful and matches perfectly with the monogram thread color! Yayy for matching!

Monogrammed Ruffle and Lace Tote Bag – Red and Gray Chevron

Monogrammed Ruffle and Lace Tote – Solid Yellow and Gray Chevron

You can find all four of these color combinations on my Etsy shop! Check them out!! 
Are you looking for a unique, personalized gift to give a very special group of your friends or family? I am HAPPY to do custom bags. Just let me know! Here’s a photo of all my bridesmaids’ bags together! (This photo was taken by the fabulous Maggie Turner Photography!)

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