Random Thoughts of the Week

Raileigh playing in the fountains at Riverfront Park, North Charleston

Yesterday, I pulled out the Cap’n Crunch because that’s what Raileigh requested for breakfast.  She just stood there looking at the box for a minute and then told me, “Mom, they spelled ‘captain’ wrong”.  {yep– that’s a cereal thought two weeks in a row.  What can I say?  We love our cereal!}

A few weeks ago, we got Raileigh a new quilt for her bed.  It came with a pink ribbon tied around it.  I asked Raieligh if she wanted to ribbon.  Of course she did– it’s pink!  That ribbon has brought her more hours of entertainment than anything lately.  It has been so many things– the starting line for a race, a scarf, decoration for chairs, something to tie things together, her ribbon so she can practice rhythmic gymnastics… you get the idea.  So, I cleaned out my ribbon stash and gave it to her.  Now, there are ribbons all over my house.  Yesterday, she tied a ribbon to a chair, then to the door, then to the jogging stroller.  Then, she used another ribbon to tie my shoes to the door.  She figured out that when she moved the stroller, the door would open and shut.  All this fun from some ribbons.  Who would have thought?

We mailed out Raileigh’s birthday party invitations this week.  She’s having a Little Mermaid party.  Darren found these AWESOME Disney stamps at the post office and we bought those to use.  Seriously– they are great!  There are five different designs- The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc.  I have honestly been trying to think if there is anything else I need to mail just so I can use those stamps some more.

I got my hair cut.  It had been way too long since my last cut (try about 17 months…) and it had just gotten too long.  I have curly hair, though. so the straggly was pretty well hidden.  However, all the layers had grown out so it was just weighing me down.  I had no vision for my hair.  I just wanted it to look good, so I pretty much gave the stylist (who came highly recommended) free reign.  The result?  It’s a bit shorter than I was hoping for (read: cannot get a good ponytail) and it makes me feel a bit young, which I need no help doing.  But, it is so curly!  Seriously, I don’t think my curls have ever looked so good.  I know it’s the cut because I am using the same products as before to style it.  So, each day it’s growing on me a little more.  When it grows about a inch, I think I’ll really, really like it.

Disney Countdown: We leave to meet Kevin and Angela in Georgia one week from today.  ONE WEEK.  It cannot get here fast enough!