Delightful Girl’s Sewing Patterns from Ruby Jean’s Closet {Review + Giveaway}

I absolutely love to try out new sewing patterns.  I especially love to find ones that are unique and stylish, getting sway from the current trends seen in every. last. store.

One of my recent sewing loves is Ruby Jean’s Closet.  This beautiful shop is run by Mary and features the most delightful girl’s sewing patterns.  I’ve had thew chance to sew with one of these patterns firsthand.  But, before I tell you all about that, let’s get to know Mary a bit better!

Your name and shop name: My name is Mary and I’m the designer behind Ruby Jean’s Closet.

What do you love most about creating patterns?I love how my last pattern is always my favorite. I love taking a basic pattern, adding little details and making it special. I love it when I hear from a beginner sewer who is so pleased with their finished project that they had to let me know how it went. I hear the sweetest stories.

What is your favorite pattern that you have made?Okay, if I have to pick one, it would have to be the Annie Play Dress. It was my first so it has to be my favorite. It’s such a quick and easy sew, too. My two favorite words – quick and easy.

Outside of sewing, what do you enjoy doing?I love to work in my flower and vegetable gardens. I live in a small town and in a historic neighborhood with quite a large lot. I practice sustainable gardening and give several tours/demonstrations a year. I keep about a dozen backyard chickens, too. My girls are very friendly and are great company when I’m working in my yard.

What are five words that describe you well?Oh my goodness —that depends on who you ask! I guess since you’re asking me I’d have to say…I’m old fashioned and a little quirky. I think that shows in my patterns. I’m creative. I’m always making things, even when I could just go buy them. I’m humorous – just ask my husband because he is not. And last, I’d say helpful. I add a note to my patterns inviting questions and I mean it. I really like helping sewers with questions about sewing.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?India! I love, LOVE, Bollywood! There you have it…it’s out!

What is your favorite dessert?Anything with chocolate in it or on it. I’m not picky. I think I could eat a rock if you put a little chocolate on it!

Tell us about your family.I’m married with three grown children. They’ve all flown this cuckoo’s nest. Our oldest daughter is in her third year of medical school. The middle daughter just finished college and hopes to find a teaching position soon. Our youngest, a son, is in college as well. He studies computer graphics and was the best help when I was trying to figure out the technical end of the business. Several times I would have quit if it had not been for his help. A year ago, I didn’t even know what a PDF file was….for real!

Choosing which pattern I wanted to try out from Ruby Jean’s Closet was quite the job.  After all, each and every one of her patterns is wonderful.  Somehow, she keeps all of her styles modern, while still having this air of vintage charm.  I love that!

Finally, I decided to whip up a Garden Party Dress.  What initially drew me to this dress were those lovely ruffle sleeves.  There are so feminine and so very fun!  I received the pattern as a PDF download.  However, if you’d like to receive the pattern all printed and ready to go, Mary will ship right to your door for a small charge.

What I love most about PDF patterns is that you can print, tape the pattern pieces together, and start sewing immediately!  What can I say– I like instant gratification!  The pieces for the Garden Party Dress came together well.  I had no problems getting everything lined up perfectly.

One of my favorite aspects of the patterns from Ruby Jean’s Closet is that she includes EVERY pattern piece you need.  Often times, patterns will ask you to create your own rectangles or squares of a certain measurement to use in the pattern.  While this isn’t hard, it’s just slightly annoying to purchase a pattern and have to make some of the pieces.  I really appreciate that Mary includes each and every piece, even those rectangles and squares!

The dress itself came together impeccably.  The directions are very well written and there are pictures to accompany each of the steps.  I was never unsure as to what I should be doing or how to sew something together.

The ONLY variation that I made was to use a rolled hem on the ruffles as opposed to a traditional hem.  However, I didn’t think about the fact that this takes up less fabric, and my ruffles wound up being wider than I intended.  I liked using the rolled hem, however, so next time I will just cut my ruffle pieces a tad smaller.

I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Ruby Jean’s Closet.  Mary is amazing and her patterns are, too.  I definitely see more patterns from this delightful shop in my future.

Would you like to try out some of the wonderful patterns at Ruby Jean’s Closet?  Mary is going to send one lucky reader a FIVE pack of patterns– you choose the ones you’d like the most!

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