Beautiful Sewing Patterns from Lily Bird Studio {Review + Giveaway}

I love to sew.  When I find a pattern or design that I love, sewing gives me the freedom to create it exactly as I want to, choosing fabrics that fit my personal style perfectly.

More than anything, I enjoy sewing dresses for Raileigh.  She prefers to wear dresses every single day of the week and genuinely likes almost every dress that I create for her.  Seeing her smile as she wears something that I made is one of the best feelings in the world.

Recently, I discovered an absolutely wonderful online pattern shop– Lily Bird Studio.  This shop is absolutely full of beautiful sewing patterns (mostly for girls, but there are a few boys patterns mixed in, too!).  I’ve had the opportunity to test out one of the patterns found at Lily Bird Studio and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.  But first, let’s take a few minutes to get to know the lady behind the patterns.

Your name and shop name:  I’m Cecilia Jorcin and my shop is Lily Bird Studio

What do you love most about creating patterns?  I like every step of the process because it gives me the chance to change tasks instead of doing the same every day. But I specially like creating a new design. Sketch the design, draft the pattern pieces, pick the fabrics and go over the details until the new piece is complete.

What is your favorite pattern that you have made?  Birthday Party Dress which I created for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and my last sewing pattern Julliete’s dress (I’m even thinking about making a bigger size for myself!)

Outside of sewing, what do you enjoy doing?  I enjoy everything crafty. I love making hair accessories (which are sold locally) and paper cards. I enjoy going out with my husband and daughter. I love reading all kind of books, although history based books mixed with romance are my favorites.

What are five words that describe you well?  perfectionist, stubborn, shy, cautious, friendly,

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Humm I would like to visit so many places, all have something special all of them are different. Those would be India, USA, Canada, England, Europe in general, Turkey. I would love to get the chance to meet different cultures and life styles. I had the chance to live for 1 year and a half in Malaysia and it was a great experience, especially after I got out of the initial cultural shock :D.

What is your favorite dessert?  Cheese cake!

Tell us about your family.  I’ve been married to a lovely guy for almost 5 years now, he is everything I ever dreamed about the person I wanted to spend my life with. We have an almost 4 years old girl named Sophia, a super active little girl who is all about princesses right now.
With such a large selection of beautiful patterns, I had a hard time deciding which pattern that I wanted to sew first!  Finally, I chose Kate’s Dress.  It is a sweet, feminine design that is relatively simple.

The dress actually features two yoke designs to choose from, both providing two very different looks.  Each design features piping around the edges.  This was my very first experience using piping!  I don’t know how I could have been sewing for so long and never used it before!

Within the pattern, you will find a very clear and well-explained mini tutorial to make your own piping.  This allows you to use piping created from printed fabrics, as opposed to the plain colors sold pre-made in stores.  However, I needed black to coincide with the fabric that Raileigh had chosen and actually had a pack in my stash of sewing supplies.  So, I just decided to use that.

 She does all her own poses

I was definitely a bit nervous to use the piping.  Which is precisely why I had a pack in my stash… I purchased it several years ago to add some details to a project and just chickened out.  Cecilia made it so easy, though!  I followed her clearly explained instructions (complete with pictures!) and had absolutely no trouble attaching the piping.  I have to say– it looks pretty stunning!  Plus, now I just might be hooked on piping.  Don’t be surprised if you see it showing up on many projects in the near future!

The rest of the dress came together just as easily.  The directions were clear throughout and the pattern pieces lined up perfectly.  As I progressed through the pattern, I just knew that I was going to love the finished product.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite dresses that I have ever sewn for Raileigh.  The fabric and the design just pair so well together.  I am certain this is a dress that I will be sewing again and again.

Now, to decide which Lily Bird Studio pattern to whip up next!  The Katrina Dress, Amanda’s Dress, and the Tianna Dress are all at the top of my list.

I highly encourage you to stop by Lily Bird Studio and pick up a few patterns to try.  I am certain that you will love these high quality, yet affordable patterns just as much as I do!

I am excited to announce that Cecilia has decided to do a giveaway for all of you!  One lucky reader is going to win a 4 pack of patterns from Lily Bird Studio.

Giveaway is open to everyone.