2012 Wedding Event – Maggie Turner Photography: Our WEDDING Photos! {Check this out!}

Our wedding was absolutely perfect. Down to the very smallest detail – it was spectacular. It was a day that I am going to remember forever. However, thinking back on such a momentous day would be difficult without photos to gaze at. Thankfully, we have SO MANY absolutely perfect pictures to look back on and remember our special day for years and years to come… all thanks to Maggie Turner Photography.

If you have been following the 2012 Wedding Event here at Wee Share, you would probably remember my initial post about Maggie Turner Photography. New to this blog/event or need a refresher on this talented photographer? Check out the original post:

Now, I am SO excited to tell all of you about our experience with Maggie and our absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures from our wedding! Maggie has been SO sweet to provide some of our pictures to share with all of you on Wee Share!!

For starters, this is one of my FAVORITE pictures from our wedding. As you will find [if you keep reading], I have ALOT of favorite photos from our wedding. Maggie had us do all kinds of really fun poses. Since I am NOT a photographer, I knew the poses would come out great… but I had NO IDEA that they would come out this SPECTACULAR!

Maggie and her sweet mom were both taking photos of our wedding. This worked out perfectly because they are both SO talented and they were able to get absolutely incredible angles of our ceremony. This photo [above] was taken by Maggie’s mom. She took photos from the crowd and was able to snap some great shots from the front.

Now, y’all are probably thinking, “If Maggie’s mom was out in the crowd… where was Maggie”? Well, she was on the porch! Behind us! I was SO excited that she was so close to us. She got some PRICELESS photos of our ceremony that wouldn’t have been possible had she not been on the porch. Pictured above is an example of that. Isn’t that INCREDIBLE??

I absolutely love this picture. It is being blown up and put in my house. I think it is so neat that Maggie was able to focus so clearly on our rings and have us blurred out. Like I said, I am NOT a photographer. So, all of these little “tricks” really amaze me! I LOVE it!

I think that this picture is just so beautiful! It is one of my favorites (again). The best part about this picture is that it was not posed AT ALL. This was taken right after the ceremony. Kevin & I were having a little “moment of joy” because we had just gotten married! I love this picture because it captures such a sweet moment in time. That’s what you get with Maggie Turner Photography – those absolutely precious moments captured.

When Maggie edited our photos, she gave us a few different options of colors and edits to choose from. For a very small amount of the photos, one of the color edits popped out to me more than the others. However, with this photo (and with many many others) – they are all equally as stunning! When the original photo is so good that a filter doesn’t effect the stunning quality of that photo – I believe that is what makes a photographer really great! We could choose the black and white OR the natural color photo and it is still SO gorgeous!

Throughout the entire experience with Maggie Turner Photography, we had SO much fun! It was excruciatingly hot outside that day – but we hardly noticed because Maggie kept things so fun! Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for her work made all the difference in these pictures. We look like we were having fun because we were having fun!!!

Of all the photos that were taken by Maggie, I think that this one is my favorite bridal shot. When Maggie told my bridesmaids to take their bouquets and put them around my head, I remember thinking “Oh, this will be cute.” But, I had NO IDEA that it would come out this perfect. All of the colors in the flowers just POP out and scream at the camera. I LOVE this photo!!!

Now that everyone has seen the SPECTACULAR work of Maggie, I have a confession to make. My pictures are NOT the only example of incredible work by Maggie! Maggie doesn’t only photo weddings… she does senior pictures, families, babies, and much much more! So here’s what I want y’all to do –

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  2. LIKE it!
  3. Browse around and check out her work.
  4. Then, book your photo session! You will not regret it!
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Disclaimer: All photos in this post belong to Maggie Turner Photography and cannot be redistributed. I did not receive any compensation for this post, all of my thoughts are honest and voluntary.