Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young {Review + Giveaway}

Sewing MODKID Style: Modern Threads for the Cool Girl

Written by: Patty Young

Released: March 2012

Pages: 160

ISBN: 978-0-470-94768-5

About This Book (as taken from the publisher’s website)

Books by fabric designers are hot, sewing with knits is on the rise, and children’s clothing and accessories are the most popular projects in the category. Combining all three of these with her fresh, signature style, Patty Young offers up a compelling collection of children’s wear for her eager audience of blog followers and fans of her pattern and fabric designs.

In Sewing MODKID Style, you’ll get 20 patterns that can be customized to fit toddlers (sizes 2T-5T) or girls (sizes 6-10). Embracing Patty’s specialty of designing patterns with knit fabrics—which allow children to run, stretch, and play comfortably—the projects dress your girl with flair and style.

  • Extensive sewing and finishing techniques for knit fabrics
  • Styling tips are included throughout, such as how to wear leggings on their own or under a skirt and how to sew a dress that can double as a shirt
  • Showcasing Patty’s colorful and wearable designs, projects are great for moms, gift givers, and knit fabric enthusiasts

If you’re a beginning to intermediate sewer with a young girl in your life, you’ll love the projects in Sewing MODKID Style.

My Thoughts

When I heard that Patty Young was releasing a book, I was ecstatic!  After all, she has been releasing beautiful patterns for children’s clothing for several years now.  I was first really introduced to her when I went to a quilting expo a few years ago.  I went to a seminar on sewing children’s clothing.  The lady who was presenting really enjoyed MODKID sewing patterns and had made at least 12 ready-to-wear outfits from Patty’s patterns to share with us.  I was smitten.

However, when I heard that Patty’s new book was to focus on knits, it took my excitement to an entirely new level.  By now, it is no secret– I LOVE to sew with knits!   This fantastic material create soft and very wearable clothing for children and makes a perfect choice for their wardrobe.

Sewing MODKID Style features 20 patterns for girls.  There is accessories, skirts and shorts, tops, and dresses.  This book has it all!  You could easily create an entire wardrobe from these patterns alone.

As I began to try out the first pattern I was drawn to in the book, I was nervous.  Though I like to sew with knits, I have stumbled across a lot of knit patterns that are just not good.  The fit is off, the pieces don’t line up– there is a host of problems I have ran across.  I actually have a very small repitoire of knit patterns that are my constant go-to set of patterns.

However, I had no need to be nervous.  After all, Patty Young created these patterns!  I made the leggings that are featured in the book.  I used an old turtleneck with a finished hem and was able to reuse the hem for the leggings.  This enabled me to skip a few steps in the directions– got to love that!  I also tapered the legs just a bit because I desired a much more fitted leggings, especially at the bottom.

The directions themselves were incredibly clear and concise.  I never felt confused by them or wondered what to do next.  It was very, very nice!

The sizing was also impeccable.  I usually make a “practice garment” when sewing with knits for the first time because the sizing is always off a bit.  I made the leggings in Raileigh’s size and they fit perfectly, with no adjustments needed!  I was thrilled.

I already have 5 more patterns ready to be sewn up.  Out of all of the patterns in this book, I will definitely be making about 80% to 85% in the near future.  There are not many books in which I like such a high percentage of the patterns!

If you have a little girl at home, then you will definitely want to pick up your very own copy of Sewing MODKID Style.  Additionally, I would like to invite you to check out  Here, you will find a host of crafty inspiration, including a look at new craft books, sneak peeks and interviews with the authors, and an assortment of free projects and tutorials!

I am also excited to announce that Wiley Publishing will be sending one lucky reader their very own copy of Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young.

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