Quilting Tip – Darning Foot Repair

Many of you probably don’t know this – but I LOVE to quilt. It’s probably my favorite craft to do… period. I discovered my love for it about a year ago. Anytime I need to get away from life’s every day stresses… I go on a LONG date with my quilting machine.

When I discovered that I loved to quilt, I created a pattern to quilt baby changing pads/quilts. I have been giving them as gifts ever since. Recently, with much encouragement from friends and family, I have decided to open an Etsy shop. I began putting items into my shop yesterday, and it’s called Designing Tomorrow.

I still have SO many products to photograph and list in the shop. A couple of weeks ago, I was working hard to finish my products. Then, something TERRIBLE happened – my DARNING FOOT BROKE!

For all of you who are either new to quilting or completely unfamiliar with it… a darning foot is the attachable foot that you use when you are freemotion quilting. Here is a photo of an example of what free motion quilting looks like when it is done. This is just the pattern that I frequently use – there are HUNDREDS of different freemotion quilting patterns.

If you notice, there is a little metal piece on the top of the darning foot that pokes out. The purpose of this piece is to stabilize your foot on the top of your needle so that the foot will move up and down with the needle as you sew. This piece also holds the foot up so that you are able to move the fabric beneath it with ease. Well… since this piece completely broke off, nothing was working and I thought I was doomed.

So, as I was searching around to purchase another darning foot, I came across this really interesting video tutorial called “How to Modify your Free Motion Foot”. I was intrigued – take a look!

I decided to give this a try. Since my metal piece was already completely broken off, I did not have to bend it. I stuck some rubber bands around the top just like was shown in the video….

It works PERFECT!

I actually love my darning foot more now than I did before!!! I am able to move my fabric with more freedom and less stress on my machine. I can see my stitches better and can gauge my tension better, too!

So, if you are a freemotion quilter – give it a try!!

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Disclaimer: Thank you Day Style Designs for posting this incredible tutorial on YouTube!!! None of the repair ideas in this post were my own – I simply followed the wonderful tutorial given by Day Style Designs. All credit goes to them.