It’s Summer… And I Made a Long Sleeve Shirt

I have this basket that sits beside my sewing table.  In it, you’ll find fabric that has been cut and is waiting to be sewn up, half-finished sewing projects, and some things that need to be mended.

Recently, I grabbed one of those half-finished sewing projects from the basket and decided to finish it.  Months ago, I began making a shirt for Raileigh, and all that it needed to be complete was a neck band.

It took me about five minutes to finish this completely adorable star-print upcycled shirt.

The only thing is that the shirt has long sleeves and it’s summer.  Ah, well.  I decided that it looked cute with shorts and got Raileigh to wear it anyhow.  I am just crossing my fingers that it will still fit when it gets to be fall.

I made the shirt using The Sienna Dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo.  In case you haven’t figured it out by now… this is my absolute favorite pattern.  One fantastic feature of the pattern is that it can be shortened and used as a shirt pattern, which makes it the ideal pattern for sewing for girls or boys.  There are not cutting lines to make a shirt, but you can easily use a shirt your child already has as a cutting guide.

Since this shirt was cut out so long ago, it features a 3T bodice.  I used the basic sleeve piece that comes with the pattern and adjusted the length and tapered it to fit the style I wanted.

The shirt is made from two upcycled shirts.  The navy blue sleeves and neck band are from an old Boston Red Sox tee of mine.  I wore if often before I got pregnant, and afterwards it just didn’t fit the same.  The green star fabric is from an old women’s shirt that I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet.

I tried to name the shirt “The Buzz Lightyear Shirt” because every time I look at it, that’s what I think about.  Secretly, I think I just wanted a reason to fit it into the Disney Wardrobe.  However, Raileigh was adamant that naming it that would make it a boy shirt, so I abandoned the idea.

Even so… I just might sneak it into our luggage when we pack for Disney just in case we experience any cool evenings while there.