2012 Wedding Event – Wedding Shower Festivities!!

My dad was born into a very LARGE family. His mom [my grandma], gave birth to 2 girls and 4 boys! Now that everyone is all grown up, I have a very big wonderful family. When I was a kid, my cousins and I would play at family gatherings. We created great memories that can only be created with cousins. I would not trade my big family for ANYTHING in the world – and I plan on having a big family of my own someday too. 
Since I have this wonderful, huge family… some of them decided to throw me a wedding shower!!! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I could not have asked for a more perfect shower! Today I want to post pictures and talk about our time.
Two of my closest friends – Kristin [Left] & Jillian [Right]
 My cousin Sarah’s daughter, Addie. She is just SO cute and absolutely hilarious! I love it when I get to spend time with her because she keeps me laughing!!!

 My cousin Mallory holding Sarah’s son, Hollis. Mallory came all the way from Texas for the weekend!! Isn’t Hollis just so adorable?!
 My cousin Rachel and I. Rachel & I have always been super close, and when my hair is darker we look almost like twins! Here’s a picture of me looking like Rachel…
 Just a side note. 🙂

I’m not exactly sure what everyone is doing in this picture… but I love it! Listed from Left to Right: 
[Cousin Emily, Aunt Penny, Grandma, Aunt Dianne, Cousin Sarah, and my sister Ashley]

Now, typically when I go to events like wedding showers, baby showers, weddings, parties, etc., I don’t eat much. BUT – let me tell y’all, this food was SO DELICIOUS. I admit, I was a pig at my shower. I devoured like… everything on the table it was all so good!

Rachel & Joey’s (her boyfriend) chocolate covered strawberries – which I LOVE!

Rachel’s FRUIT PIZZA. This was like heaven in my mouth! She and Joey slaved over making this and it turned out SO GOOD. I wish I could share the recipe with y’all… but I don’t have it! Maybe if I can snag it from her I can share! 🙂

 My Aunt Penny, Emily, and Mallory made the cucumber sandwiches. This was the first time I had ever eaten a cucumber sandwich… and I think it’s my new favorite snack. It was SO GOOD! 

Those little circle appetizers in the top right hand of the picture became my favorite food of all time. They are spinach and artichoke bite sized snacks. Sarah made them, and she told me about 3 times what the bottom was made out of and I have forgotten again. It tasted like the outside of a spring roll – it was SO DELICIOUS!!! Again, I would share the recipe but I don’t have it. If I retrieve it and get permission, I’ll share! 🙂

Look at the towel cake!! I’ve always seen diaper cakes for baby showers but never a towel cake! Isn’t it just the cutest thing!!?
Ashley, Sarah, my mom, and Aunt Dianne worked SO hard on these ADORABLE little cupcake cakes! They are mini-wedding cakes!!! They came out SOOO cute!!! 
My mom and my sister are making my wedding cake. So, the shower was the PERFECT time to practice! So, they whipped this BEAUTIFUL cake up the day before the party. It is absolutely STUNNING! We didn’t end up eating it at the shower (because we had cupcakes, duh), but we have been snacking on it ever since we brought it home!! Yumm!

Sweet little cake pops that Addie and my mom made!

Here I am in front of my table…

 My mom, me, and my sister in front of my table!

 Sarah & I! She was so sweet to do all of this for me – I am such a blessed girl!! Thank you SO MUCH!
 Me & my future mother-in-law!!

My mom, me, & my grandma. My mom has done SO much for my wedding, I cannot thank her enough! She has gone wayyy above and beyond to make my wedding perfect!! ANDD my grandma is wonderful! She made me a beautiful bouquet out of all my tissue paper and ribbons from my gifts AND she is altering my bridesmaids’ dresses!!! She’s great!
I was so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts at my shower! Each and every gift is going to be used and used and used in our home!! 
Addie was my present coordinator. She handed me which present that I was to open next. She’s too sweet! 🙂

 Love sweet cards!

Okay, so I share a love for sewing with my grandmother. I probably inherited the sewing gene from her or something. But, she handmade these AMAZING pillow cases. I have posted a picture [above] of her work. She HAND EMBROIDERED capital “G”‘s on each pillow case! She did not use a machine AT ALL! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 

 Sarah is the thirty-one lady… and got me this BEAUTIFUL bag!!! I love yellow & gray, it is PERFECT!!! 

I want to take a minute and tell y’all about this gift [pictured above]. Sarah purchased it for me, and if you look real close (sorry about the glare), you can see that it has “GLAZE” written in it! Can you see it? Well, she purchased it from an Etsy shop. Since I recently opened an Etsy shop, I understand the value of a bit of advertisement. SO, check out the shop!

Creating a modern twist on personalized art
As a group, my family went in and purchased me a KitchenAid!!! YAYYY!!!! What girl doesn’t LOVE a KitchenAid stand mixer?! I know I do!!!

Kevin & I LOVE fried food – so my sister purchased us a fryer!!! Thanks SMASH!

Sweet baby Peyton & Addie playing!!

Ashley & Rachel – my beautiful sister & beautiful cousin! I can’t wait until I get to throw showers for y’all one day!!! Love you both!!

Look at that sweet face!!!

I first want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all who attended my shower! It meant SO much to me!! I am such a blessed girl, and all the gifts that were showered over me on Sunday are so appreciated and will be used like crazy in our home!! Love you all!!

Next, I want to say thank you to all of the hostesses – y’all went wayy above and beyond! I couldn’t thank y’all enough!!! Love y’all!!

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