2012 Wedding Event – Barn Workday Adventures!

In case some of you are new to the 2012 Wedding Event here at Wee Share, I will give you a little background on our wedding venue. Kevin and I chose to have our wedding at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. They have a ton of land, a breathtaking house, and a cute little horse barn. However, there has never been a wedding hosted at their house before (which is normal – not many people hosts huge events like this on a regular basis). So, we have been having random work days to get their property wedding-ready.

Saturday, we had a workday to get the barn wedding-ready!! Although I came home absolutely EXHAUSTED from the workday… I had a BLAST. It has been SO cool to see the barn transform into the perfect element for our theme.

I took a lot of pictures of our progress on Saturday… but.. I have to WARN you: these pictures are TERRIBLE. Since we were working with dirt, rocks, and other fun stuff (which is normal.. it’s a barn), I didn’t want to bring the nice expensive camera to catch the photos. Instead, I used my iPhone. The lighting in the photos came out crazy AND I’m a terrible iPhone photo taker… so the pictures are blurry. But, they will do! 🙂

Here is what the barn looked like when we arrived on Saturday. My uncle and cousin were already working SO hard on their Polaris to get lawn equipment, boats, and other stored items out of the barn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people work so hard in my life! They did such a great job.

If you read the first post about our venue, you would know that inside the barn are four horse stalls. We are planning on using each stall for a different purpose. However, since horses were originally housed in here and not wedding guests… we had to rake and level the floors. [Pictured above] is my Kevin working hard to rake and level one of the stalls. He did a GREAT job! See, most of the stalls were pretty much level… they just needed to be raked to get all the rocks and leaves out. But the stall that Kevin was in had a tiny mountain in the middle of it. So, Kevin raked and shoveled until it was completely level. Doesn’t it look great?!

Here’s another example of a stall that we raked. It was crazy, whoever owned the house before my Aunt & Uncle apparently housed horses for various owners. How can we tell that? Because the two left stalls were floored with dirt and the other two stalls [pictured above] were floored with dirt and gravel! We raked, shoveled, and moved all of the rocks. JUST A TIP: when raking rocks, use a PLASTIC rake. My first attempt was with a metal rake and I was 99% sure that those rocks were just going to have to stay in the stalls. However, when we switched to plastic rakes, the rocks moved with ease! Weird? Perhaps. But it worked!

 Once the stalls were raked, shoveled, and leveled… we put hay on the floor. The hay goes so well with our theme of a rustic, country wedding AND it protects everyone’s shoes from all the red Georgia dirt that’s underneath! The hay really gave SUCH a clean look to the stalls!
Here is another photo of just how amazing the stalls ended up looking with the hay.
I chose the stall [pictured above] for the guest quilt signing area. I liked this room because of the wooden beam that went diagonal at the top of the room. I am making a “Sign Our Guest Quilt” banner, so that beam is the PERFECT place to hang it! When we cleaned out the field a few months ago, we pulled out these tables. We are going to end up using them for the wedding. This tall table is PERFECT for the guest quilt signing. We are going to simply cover it with a table cloth, then put a glass top on it to make the surface smooth for writing on. It’s going to be SO perfect!

This is a small table we pulled out of the field. We chose this table to be put in the room for the gifts. We will end up covering it with a cloth of some sort. There will be more tables put into this room for additional gift storage and a table for the “Card box” that I made for the wedding.

Here are some photos of the rooms from farther away. Sorry for the blinding light.

The very last thing that we did at the workday is hang lights. I am IN LOVE with the lights in the barn! It took FOREVER to get them hung up – but my Uncle and my Kevin got them hung!

I want to mention a side note about bargain wedding shopping. Throughout the entire wedding process, we have been looking for the best deals on decorations. My mom and sister have been hitting up EVERY yard sale in our area. My mom found 2,000 icicle lights at a yard sale (which is what is hanging from the ceiling), and got all 2,000 for $9!!! It was a great buy!!!

I hope y’all enjoyed it! Stay tuned for some more wedding updates as time moves closer to the wedding! 39 days!!

Stay tuned for more wedding updates!!! 🙂

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