Fun with Cake Decorating!

Hey y’all! My sister, mother and I LOVE to be crafty and try new things. Being crafty comes easy to us and MOST of the time… we can get it right on the first attempt. However, my adventures with decorating cakes has not been as natural a process as most of the other new crafts I have tried. (My mom and sister ARE naturals at cake decorating, though. They are like geniuses at it). 
About a year and a half ago, I attempted my very first fondant cake. It was NOT so beautiful. Here is a picture of my very first attempt:
The fondant was all white… store bought… hard to deal with. I attempted the bow just because I had NO IDEA what else to put on top of a cake.
About a month after this cake was made, I attempted a second cake. This time, it was two tier and colorful. It was hideous. See, I had NO IDEA that when you stack cakes… that you need to put something inside the cakes to stabilize them. Here is a picture of my second not-so-beauty:
Go ahead, you can laugh… it won’t hurt my feelings. Although I think the design I had in mind would actually be really cute on a cake… the cake itself is extremely lumpy and looks like it could just fall in on itself at any moment. 
That Christmas, I received a Cricut Cake as my gift from my parents. I absolutely LOVE the Cricut cake! However, marshmallow fondant just does not like the Cricut cake. The third cake that I attempted to make (pictured below) was for Desi and Lindsey’s sister, Jesse. Jesse and her mom helped me make it, I thought it came out really cute. We cut the letters out on my Cricut cake and let me tell you – it was SO hard to get them to look that good. So, finally, cake #3 was a success. 
The fourth cake that I attempted on my cake adventure was for Desi’s little girl, Raileigh. It was her 3rd birthday party and the theme was PRINCESS. So, I needed to design a cake that was as exciting as her turning three. 
Let me just say… I LOVE this cake. My mom and my sister helped me ALOT (I totally could not have done this cake without them). It’s probably one of my #1 favorite cakes, ever. Here it is: 
The bows and the crown are made out of chocolate (which Raileigh is a huge fan of), and everything else is fondant. The cake was a HUGE hit at the party, and I was SO sad when everyone wanted to eat it. However, I was super glad that they did because… well… that was the point of the cake! 🙂
I have been posting my cakes on Facebook each time that we make one. Well, my sister’s friend saw how my mom, sister, and I were improving on our fondant-skills and asked us to make a cake for her Sweet Sixteen birthday party. She drew out the diagram for how she wanted the cake to look, and we put our skills to the test. 
This was a FIVE-TIER cake with CAKE POPS attached. Now, you might be wondering “why is the cake pops sticking out so far”? Well, that was all in the design. The party was a black light party, so when the black light was to hit the cake… the lime green pops were supposed to glow. Here it is:
We, of course, used dowel rods to secure the cake and LOTS of cake cardboard. I absolutely LOVE my sister’s detail work with the icing on the cake! I kept telling her… “Ahemm… this would look BEAUTIFUL on a wedding cake!” (She’s making mine in July!)

The cake pops were pushed in to styrofoam balls that were covered in fondant. 

The kids at the party loved the cake. So I say it was a success! It’s fun to look back at the cakes that I have made and see how much I have learned over the past year and a half. Hopefully, my sister and mom can keep teaching me things about cake decorating and I can become better and better at it! 🙂 

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