2012 Wedding Event: GreenPartyGoods [Review]


 Okay everyone, so I am excited about this review because not ONLY is it a review of a really great company… but it is also a tutorial AND an official wedding update post!

When my family and I set out to begin planning this wedding, we had many things on our minds. First of all, we wanted to make sure that if and when we are using disposable items, that they are planet-friendly. Second of all, we want our displays to be absolutely adorable. With GreenPartyGoods, we got it all!

GreenPartyGoods is your one-stop shop for all planet-friendly celebration items. They offer a wide range of products – at great prices! Sometimes party-supply stores have… well.. “cheesy” products. This is not the case at GreenPartyGoods! They are at the cutting edge of the market, having the most modern – Eco-friendly – products out there! Here is my favorite example of the modern party-supplies that GreenPartyGoods offers:


$12.97 for a pack of 144 straws
Now, be honest, who WOULDN’T want these precious straws at a celebration??
For my review, I had the opportunity to build, decorate, and use an amazing, 5-tier cupcake stand! Now, as many of you readers already know, we have a gigantic burlap cupcake stand already. However – the stand from GreenPartyGoods has an entirely different purpose with a modern twist – it is now our 5-tier CAKE BALL stand!
Why is it beneficial to purchase your Cupcake Stand from GreenPartyGoods?

Cupcakes are economical, convenient, creative, and clearly the hip alternative to the wedding cake. The challenge lies in how to display them dramatically, giving them the presence of a traditional wedding cake – making them the focal point of the table. With the Eco-Cupcake Stand, we have produced a reusable (double sided polished wipeable surface), recyclable cupcake tower made of White, recycled sturdy corrugated cardboard. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and store. We all know that the cupcake is basically an icing delivery vehicle and the Eco-Cupcake Stand was designed to allow ample space between each tier (4 inches) for frosting and a cupcake topper.

The Eco-Cupcake Stands is a perfect design platform to extend the theme of any wedding or other celebration. A bride or hostess can express themselves with their personal touch, and palette, enhancing the theme of their occasion. The Eco-Cupcake Stands, including the space under them, can display up to 125 standard cupcakes. For really large events, people replenish as needed.

5 tiers / 20 inches tall


GreenPartyGoods 5-Tier Cupcake Stand Tutorial
I thought that a great way to show you how wonderful the cupcake stand from GreenPartyGoods is would be to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how my family and I decorated the stand!
When we first took the stand out of the box, we were amazed at how incredibly light it was! However, we learned VERY quickly the reasons for making the stand so light. You see, when you order a cupcake stand from GreenPartyGoods, you are buying a product that gives you complete creative freedom to decorate it to fit your event. This is why it is made to be so lightweight. By the time that the stand was decorated, it was much heavier than when we first took it out of the box.

So, here [pictured above] is what the cake stand looks like when it is taken out of the box. It is plain white, and nice and tall. Let me tell you – the height of this stand is PERFECT.  It is tall enough to look gorgeous as a table decoration… but short enough that your guests will be able to reach even the tallest tier.

My family and I searched for a long time for the perfect ribbon to add to this stand. Since my wedding is a DIY event…. we were making sure it matched perfectly to the rest of our decorations. We found two types of ribbon (from the wonderful Hobby Lobby) that we alternated on the various tiers.

1 GreenPartyGoods 5-tier Cupcake Stand
7-10 yards of ribbon total (We got 5 yards of each type of ribbon… we went with 10 yards to be safe and had a little extra)
Hot Glue
White Tape

The first thing we did was heated up our hot glue gun and put the stand on a table that allowed us to rotate it. We then began by hot gluing the ribbon to the raw edge of the stand.


We repeated this around the stand, alternating what type of ribbon we used on each tier.


Isn’t that ribbon SO cute? After we finished attaching the ribbon on the various tiers of the cupcake stand, we added white tape to all the remaining raw edges. You might be wondering… WHY would you add TAPE? Well, this is the beauty about the GreenPartyGoods cupcake stand – you can dress it up however much you want depending on the event you are hosting. For our event, we wanted simple, modern elegance. We also did not want TOO much ribbon and decoration – because the cake balls will be adding so much to the final product.
[Drum roll please…] Here is the finished product!!


We added some pretty flowers to the top of the Cupcake stand to give it an added touch. What do y’all think??


The best part about this project is that once you find the perfect decorating tools.. it is very quick to finish! It took us about an hour to get all of the decorations added to this beautiful stand.

I am so excited about using this beautiful cupcake stand for my cake balls in my wedding! I think it is going to add the PERFECT amount of elegance and flair to my event.

Are you having an event that you need a beautiful Cupcake stand for??
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