2012 Wedding Event: Flower Girl Basket {Tutorial}

Yay for the first wedding tutorial! Since we are having a very rustic, country wedding… the flower girl basket has to fit the part! So, today I am sharing the flower girl basket that the precious Raileigh is going to be walking down the aisle with! 🙂
Burlap ribbon
Lace ribbon
Rustic bucket
Hot Glue Gun



Put some hot glue on the bucket and begin pressing the burlap around the bucket. You have to be VERY careful because the burlap does not like the angled side of the bucket. If your burlap ribbon begins to act weird at the bottom, just put some hot glue on the edge and pull the bottom to where you want it.

You can see that at the bottom of my burlap ribbon, it starts to angle diagonally. This is where I had to pull the bottom real tight to make it flat. But don’t worry, once the lace ribbon is on top of the burlap, you can’t even tell that the burlap is sideways! 🙂


Next, just hot glue the ribbon to the center of the burlap. At the end, fold the end over to hide the raw edges.


Here’s what it looks like when the burlap and the lace are added…


Then simply stuff some tulle into the bucket to add some pizazz. We haven’t decided if we are going to glue the tulle to the bottom of the bucket or not yet. Also, we might add a pink flower to the front as well!


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