Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial!

I have been thinking all week about a fun tutorial to do for you guys in celebration of Earth Day. Obviously I wanted to do something ‘Green’ and finally it hit me! Reusable Baggies!

I have been window shopping sandwich bags on Etsy for quite some time and actually won a set some time ago. We LOVE them, but 2 bags is just not enough for all of us! So tonight I played around with size and technique for a bit and finally came up with this tutorial.

You can make them in no time and think about all the good it will do!

The lighting in the pictures stinks. Apologies in advance!

Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial:

– Velcro
– Fabric of your choice
– Nylon for the lining

1. Cut a 12 x 7 rectangle of each fabric for a snack size — OR — 18 x 8 for a sandwich size bag
2. Iron the fabric in half – with the nylon on the outside (Once folded in half the right sides of your outer fabric should be facing each other.)
3. Pin the top of it closed so it doesn’t slip while you are sewing
4. Sew up each side

5. Trim of any excess fabric on the sides

5. Fold the top down about 3/4 in.

6. Pin Velcro down so that the edge of the fabric is underneath 

7. Sew both sides of the Velcro in
8. Turn your bag right side out
9. Sew 1/4 in. up both sides from the bottom of the bag. Once I got to the end I backstitched to      make it extra durable. (This is to prevent frayed edges from getting in your food. It’s no fun.)


You can make these in so many prints that your kids will love! I am making my husband a special set with The Simpson’s fabric. I have even gotten him excited about it 🙂