Relive Your Childhood with Lincoln Logs from K’NEX {Review + Giveaway}

There are certain toys from my childhood that I have very fond memories of.  It warms my heart when I have the opportunity to share these beloved playthings with my own daughter… and even more so when she loves them as much as I do!

Recently, I got to share one of these toys with Raileigh.  K’NEX has introduced a line of all-new Lincoln Logs sets that bring back memories of years past.

We had the opportunity to test out one of these sets- The Original Lincoln Logs White River Ranch.  The set includes a whole lot of pieces:

  • 79 wooden logs
  • 1 cowboy figure
  • 1 horse figure
  • 1 dog figure
  • 1 cow figure
  • 1 hay bale
  • 1 door and door frame
  • 1 gable roof
  • 1 add-on roof
  • 1 trough
  • 1 flag
  • Instructions
  • Storage Box

The problem with most nostalgic toys is that they never seem to live up to the memories.  Wooden parts become plastic, characters are updated or taken away, or the product is otherwise “modernized”.  What I love most about our Lincoln Logs is that they are exactly as I remember them.  The wooden Lincoln Logs are still made of sturdy wood.  They still have the same cut-out grooves to stack the logs together.

The moment our Lincoln Logs arrived, Raileigh wanted to open them up and play with them.  We started by following the directions to build the White River Ranch.  The instructions are actually presented in pictures so that children who cannot read yet can even follow along!

It didn’t take us long to create our own little ranch.  We let our cow eat hay and the farmer took a ride on the horse.  Our pretend ranch sparked a lot of imagination and creativity as Raileigh began to make up stories to fit the structure we had built and the characters that go along with it.

She moved quickly from there and began coming up with her own designs.  She made little skateboards, houses, and even some winding trails.  It was fun to see all of the things that she came up with!

Lincoln Logs have quickly became the new favorite toy.  Raileigh plays with them for hours at a time each and every day.  There is not one single other toy that I can say this about.  Now, I am certain that we will have to purchase more Lincoln Logs in the future.  Apparently, my little girl loves this timeless toy as much as I did when I was young.

One lucky reader is going to win their very own Lincoln Logs White River Ranch.

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