(Princess) Superhero Cape Tutorial

Marlee has the most fantastic imagination I have ever had the pleasure to be around. She can entertain herself with absolutely anything, a stick, piece of string or her own two hands. Watching her play alone truly amazes me!
The other day we were all sitting outside and she was playing ‘Princess Knight Dragon Slayer.’ She would run around the yard with a long stick and take down the imaginary dragons. Priceless! She then declared the she needed a cape. A pink cape.
A PINK cape?! So that is what I made. A girly and pink cape fit for a princess! You can use any fabric you like to make it for a boy or a girl!

Superhero Cape Tutorial:
– Fabric
– Felt
– Iron
– Pins
1. Fold your fabric in half and sketch the cape design out. Mine was about 33 inches tall and 32 inches wide unfolded. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as mine, just a basic cape shape.
2. Do the same to your second piece of fabric by tracing the same shape and cutting it out.
3. Now, lay the pieces on top of each other with the right sides touching each other. You should be looking at the wrong side of the fabric.
4. Pin all the way around the edge, except for the top.
5. Sew around the edges 1/4 inch, still leaving the top open.
6. Turn your cape right side out.
7. Sew around the edge of your cape again 1/4 inch in.
8. Now you will need to make bias tape if you don’t have any. For this I used a fun contrasting fabric. This part is going to be the tie for the cape. 
9. Cut a strip of fabric 3.5 feet long and 3 inches wide.
10. Fold the fabric in half long ways and iron it down.
11. Now, open the fabric up and fold each side into the middle and iron it down so that it looks like this: 
12. Iron down each end about 1/4 inch and fold it in half again, then iron it down. Your strip should now be about 1inch wide.
13. Sew the very ends of the bias tape closed. This prevents any raw edges from showing.
13. Lay your cape out and pin the bias tape onto the neck of the cape so that each side is even. 
14. Sew all the way down the bias tape.
15. Now, cut out your letter on a contrasting piece of felt.
16. Pin the letter down securely into the upper-middle of the cape.
17. Zig-Zag stitch around the letter, creating an applique.
18. Your cape should now be complete!
And the infamous Super Marlee Princess Knight Dragon Slayer!
If you guys have any questions with this tutorial, please comment below and we’ll get it figured out!!


  1. Tess Hampton says:

    Hi Desi!

    You have an adorable site! I came acrossed a link to your page for a superhero free printable. It read: “You don’t need to have super powers to be a superhero” The link was down… I was curious to know if you have the file to share or for purchase? I would be interested in it 🙂

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