DIY Office Survival Kit

This is the perfect little gift to cheer up your fellow co-workers. Survival Kits are always cute and can be made for almost any occasion! The possibilities are endless with these budget friendly, little gifts!

We are going through a system conversion in my office and I decided to make these little kits for the ladies in my department. They really got a kick out of it and it provided a good laugh in a very stressful time!

DIY Office Survival Kit

Supplies Needed:

  1. Travel pack of tissues
  2. Baby spoon
  3. Pacifier
  4. Lifesavers
  5. Fairy wand (I couldn’t find these so I made a simple paper one)
  6. Snickers Bar
  7. Ziploc Bag
  8. Cardstock
  • Cut a rectangle from your cardstock 5 1/2in. x 6in.
  • Customize this text as you please on a seperate piece of paper. I simply chose a font I liked, printed and glued it to the cardstock.
In your kit you will find:
– A pacifier for your whiners
– A spoon for those that have to be spoonfed
– A magic wand for the miracles you are expected to perform
– Tissues for your cry babies
– Lifesavers for when you feel like you’re drowning in paper work
– A Snickers Bar to remind you that laughter is the best medicine
  • Insert the cardstock with the contents list into your bag
  • Now, cut a 6in x 5in rectangle for the top of the bag and fold in half
  • Choose the wording that you like and either print or write it onto a small rectangle and attach it to your cardstock. You could decorate this anyway you’d like. I went for quick and simple 😉
  • Arrange all of the goodies into your bag with the contents list facing out on the back of the bag
  • Take your folded 5in. x 6in. rectangle and staple it to the top
You should have something that looks similar to this:
and a shot of the back:
Hope you guys enjoyed!

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