2012 Wedding Event: UPDATE – Wedding Crafts and Projects

While I have been working hard at finishing up my spring semester of school, my mom and sister have been busy doing fun and exciting projects for my WEDDING! As of today (April 27), it is exactly THREE MONTHS until my wedding! I am SO excited… but also SO overwhelmed at how much stuff we still have to do!! I wanted to give you all a quick update on some super awesome projects that my family has finished to prepare for my wedding!!!
Gigantic Burlap Cupcake Stand! 
Kevin and I are going to have a traditional wedding cake… however… it is going to be MUCH smaller than most wedding cakes. This is because we are going to feed all of our guests CUPCAKES and cake balls! Since we are inviting about 300 people… we needed a GIGANTIC cupcake stand to hold all of the cupcakes!
My mom had this REALLY neat plant stand. As we were beginning to prepare for the wedding… we all noticed how if we cleaned it and dressed it up a bit… it would be an absolutely stunning way to display our cupcakes. So… that’s exactly what she did!
First, my mom and sister cleaned it really good. Then, they measured each 1/4 circle and made a cardboard template for each spot. My mom covered the cardboard templates in burlap. We are storing all of the wedding stuff in the craft area of our basement until closer to the wedding. Here is the picture of the burlap covered cardboard:
After my mom covered the templates with burlap, she put this amazing feather/pearl topper on it! Here’s the picture:


And here is the final product. This thing is HUGE! It will hold all of our cupcakes for sure! All that’s left to do it glue all the burlap 1/4 circles to the metal and decorate with cupcakes!!!
Isn’t it great!? My mom and sister did such an amazing job!


Glass Table
At my aunt’s house, they have a fire pit that they use for the youth group at their church to have devotionals at. I love fire pits… however, they don’t exactly go with the ceremony part of the wedding. So, my mom made this AWESOME table to display flowers and other goodies on as a beautiful piece of art as people walk in to the ceremony.
About a year ago, Kevin and I were helping Darren and Desi move to Charleston. While we were loading up the trucks, Desi came across a big box of old glass mugs that she had collected to use to make something out of. She decided that she didn’t want them anymore, and gave them to me. Well… the box of mugs just sat in our house until a few weeks ago.
Since we did not buy the mugs (compliments of Desi) and we already had an old table… we spent a whopping $11 on this beautiful table! Mom found the bottom of the table at an antique store for $3!! The only thing we had to buy after that was black grout! Here are pictures:
This is the antique table bottom that mom got for $3! Isn’t it neat!?


Here is a picture of the beautiful table:


And a close up picture of the table:


I reallyyy love this table. When the sun hits it, it’s going to sparkle! We are going to put flowers on it so it’s going to have a pop of color – absolutely gorgeous!!!
Hanging Decoration… Inspiration – Pottery Barn!


My whole family LOVES Pottery Barn. Anytime we go to the mall… we always have to go in and browse at their incredible home decor designs! Right after I got engaged, my mom happened to go into Pottery Barn. She saw this beautiful hanging decoration and knew it would be perfect for hanging in the barn at the wedding! Here is a picture of the inspiration for our project:

So, since ours is going to be outside… it’s a lot bigger. It’s not finished, but here is our work so far:


I absolutely LOVE the rope that was used to hold it together:


Here are my mom’s pinterest flowers that are going to be attached all over it.


I absolutely LOVE all of the projects that my mom has been working on. They are 100% gorgeous AND go with our theme perfect!


Stay tuned for more wedding updates!!! 🙂

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