A Day at Riverfront Park

The weather has been simply gorgeous!  The temperatures have been in the high 70’s to low 80’s.  To me, this is absolutely perfect park weather.

On one of Darren’s most recent days off from work, we headed to one of our favorite local parks- Riverfront Park in North Charleston.

This park has a variety of things going for it.  For starters, the setting is beautiful.  The entire park is situated along the water.  I honestly cannot get enough of the view.  There is also a lot to see and do within the park.  At one end, there is a military memorial that is wonderfully done.  It’s situated near a fountain that seems to only be on during really warm weather.  A wooden boardwalk runs along the water, parallel to a paved walking path.  You will also find public art installations throughout.  There is a big grassy field and a grassy hill that is ideal for sledding on cardboard.  Then, at the opposite end of the park you will find Raileigh’s most favorite part– the playground.

Riverfront Park is really windy, since it’s situated along the water.  To me, this makes Riverfront Park an ideal destination during those especially hot days we experience during summer.  For now, the wind just makes nice spring days a bit chilly, resulting in the need for a jacket while we play.

This playground is definitely geared more towards older kids.  However, Raileigh is at the age where she is really starting to enjoy everything that it has to offer.

I’d love to know– what is your favorite park to visit where you live?