The Pogo Stick

Darren often comes home from work with weird items.  From oversized golf ball boxes (think 1′ x 2′) to multiple pairs of neon shoelaces (he thought there had to be something I could make from them), nothing he walks through the door with surprises me anymore.

His latest acquisition is a pogo stick.  Apparently he’d had his eye on this pogo stick for a while.  Finally, it became his.

We spent the evening outside, as Darren hopped around our cul-de-sac.  The spectacle brought out neighbors we’ve never talked to, and caused others to gawk as they drove past.

Raileigh really wanted to test out the pogo stick as well, but she just isn’t quite big enough.  This particular pogo stick is actually intended for adults over 100 lbs.  That didn’t stop her and Darren from trying and having a good time while doing so!

I did get on the pogo stick as well for about 1/2 a second.  What I quickly learned is that it is harder than it looks.  And, if I stayed on it for any longer, I would have most certainly hit the concrete.

Have you ever been on a pogo stick?  Did you enjoy it and was it easy for you?