Raileigh’s First Sip of Coca-Cola & The Coca-Cola Dress

Last night, Raileigh had her first sip of Coca-Cola.

We have offered it to her before, but she has always insisted that she doesn’t like it– even though she’s never tried it.  I don’t drink caffeinated beverages, so therefore I don’t drink Coke.  I think this is why Raileigh thought she doesn’t like it.  She tends to enjoys drinks that I do- Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Gatorade, and Chocolate Milk.  So, since I don’t like Coca-Cola, it seems that she assumed she didn’t as well.

She wanted to drink it through a straw because she said the Coke smelled funny.  I have to say that I agree, but perhaps that is because I don’t drink it.  After the first sip, she kind of wrinkled up her nose and made a funny face.  But, she kept drinking it.  After 5 or 6 sips, Raileigh declared that she did like “Daddy’s Coke”, which is how she always refers to Coca-Cola.

All of this reminded me of a dress that I made a few months ago.  It’s a t-shirt dress, constructed from the Sienna Dress pattern, by Lil Blue Boo.  I did make a few changes, but the overall idea is the same.

This dress is made from three t-shirts.  All have been picked up thrift shopping at some point.  The white Coca-Cola shirt was originally intended to be a shirt for me, but it was definitely too small.  However, it made the perfect shirt to cut up and use in a dress for Raileigh!

All of these pictures were taken a few days before Thanksgiving.  It is amazing to me how much she has grown since then.  It’s a great reminder to relish each and every day, because they really do pass us by so quickly.