Give FREE Valentine’s Day Cards from ZhuZhu Pets & DaGeDar

Raileigh loves her ZhuZhu Pets.  She enjoys watching the latest ZhuZhu Pets movie, as well as playing with all the fun ZhuZhu Pets friends and toys.

Naturally, I was thrilled to learn that Cepia, LLC (the parent company of ZhuZhu Pets and DaGeDar) has released some special Valentine’s Day cards to help us celebrate.  The best part is that these cards are completely free and be printed out right at home.

The ZhuZhu Pets cards display the loveable “Fab Four” ZhuZhu Pets, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Mr. Squiggles, and Num Nums.

DaGeDar’s Valentine’s Day cards have awesome graphics of some of Dimension 33’s hottest racers.

Here is how you can gain access to these FREE printable Valentine’s Day cards:

  • Visit: Go to or
  • Download and print: Click on the Valentine’s Day promotion, and print your Valentine’s Day cards
  • Decorate: Have your kids decorate their Valentine’s Day cards
  • Deliver!

Raileigh has been really excited about Valentine’s Day this year and wants to give cards to everyone she knows.  So, these free cards were the perfect way to make that happen for her.  We started by visiting the ZhuZhu Pets website.  Watch for the changing images to scroll through to the Valentine’s Day one that says “Will Zhu Be Mine?”.  We clicked on this and a full-color PDF featuring 6 lovely cards popped up.

We printed the Valentine’s Day cards on cardstock for a little added durability.  After cutting them apart (Raileigh needed just a bit of help with this), it was time to write who the cards were “To” and “From”.  This didn’t take long, as Raileigh had already decided who each card was before they were even done printing!

Then, I let her spend a little time decorating the back of each card so that she could add her own special touch.  I am certain that I will be printing out more of these Free ZhuZhu Pets Valentine’s Day Cards in the next few days as Raileigh thinks of more and more people that she needs to send cards to!

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post.  I may be randomly selected to win a ZhuZhu Pets or DaGeDar prize pack.  All opinions are my own.