Animal ABC Flash Cards with the Cricut {With Tutorial}

Recently, I made Raileigh a fun new set of flash cards.

These cards measure approximately 5″ x 5″ each and feature one animal for each letter of the alphabet. On one side of the card, you’ll find the silhouette and name of an animal. On the reverse side of the flash card, there is the corresponding upper and lowercase letter.

Though the cards were not necessarily difficult to make, there was some trial and error as I tried to figure out the best size to cut each piece. So, I have put together a short tutorial just in case any of you would like to to make your very own set of Animal ABC Flash Cards.

If you don’t have a little one, still take a look. These cards would make a great gift for nieces and nephews or any other special kids in your life.

Cricut and cutting mat
Cricut Classic Font Cartridge
Zoo Day Lite Cartridge
black, white, and pink cardstock
assorted green scrapbook paper
optional: YourStory Machine and laminating pouches

1- We’ll cut the cards first. Insert the Cricut Classic Font Cartridge and cut waytogo1 (p. 72) in italic shadow out of black cardstock at 5 inches. You’ll need 26 of these.

2- Now, cut waytogo1 (p. 72) in italic out of white cardstock at 5 inches. You will need 26 of these.

3- Repeat step 2 with the green scrapbook paper.

4- Now, we’ll make the letters that go on the green scrapbook paper for each card. You will need to cut one uppercase and one lowercase of each letter using the Cricut Classic Font Cartridge out of black cardstock. All letters need to be cut at 2.5 inches, with the following exceptions:
M and m- 2 inches
W and w- 2.25 inches

5- Now, you’ll need to cut out the letters for each animal name out of black cardstock. Use the Cricut Classic Font Cartridge and cut at 1 inch for all animal names. Exception would be umbrellabird, which needs to be cut at 3/4 inches. Here is a list of the animals I used, since I know some are hard to identify:
alligator, bear, coyote, duck, elephant, frog, gorilla, hippo, iguana, jackal, kangaroo, lion, moose, narwhal, opossum, penguin, quail, rhino, squirrel, turtle, umbrellabird, vulture, whale, xolo dog, yak, zebra

6- Now, let’s cut out the animals. Insert the Zoo Day Lite Cartridge and use pink cardstock. Each animal will be cut at 3 inches, with the following exceptions:
Bear- 3.25 inches
Moose- 3.25 inches
Rhino- 2.75 inches

7- Now, for the next step you have two options. You can either cut out a blackout of each animal in step 6 OR you can use black cardstock scraps to make the letter cut out in each animal black. I chose to use scraps because I had a lot lying around from earlier cuts in this project!

8- Now, it’s time to glue everything together.

9- Optional step- I chose to laminate my flash cards using the YourStory for added durability.

Enjoy your new flash cards.  I know that you will enjoy making them as much as your little one enjoys playing with them.