Lotta Jansdotter Fabric Giveaway + Advent Calendar Tutorial

I am so excited to share this with all of you today.  This holiday season, I have had the unique opportunity to team up with Rowenta (remember them?  I shared the BEST. Iron. EVER! with you yesterday- the Rowenta Focus DW0580).  Well, they just happen to work with one incredibly crafty woman- Lotta Jansdotter.  You may know her because of her gorgeous textile designs or perhaps the fabulous book that she just released.

Lotta has actually created a special crafty project just for you!  That’s right– she made an awesome Advent Calendar Tutorial to share with all of the awesome readers at Wee Share.  And today, I finally get to present it to you.

Advent Calendar How-To

Start with selecting the size of your backing fabric. You should use a pretty sturdy material, a heavy weight fabric such as canvas.

You want to fold over all the edges of that fabric and sew them down. Next you want to create a casing on the top and bottom of the fabric so that a flat dowel can fit. This dowel will make the wall hanging sturdy, strong and help it hang straight when the pockets are filled with gifts.

Next, cut a bunch of different swatches of fabrics in various sizes.

Note: if you prefer, you can make all the pockets the same size, they do not need to be different sizes.

These swatches will become all the different pockets. I like to mix and match different fabric patterns and motifs with each other, also make sure that I have some solids in there. I stay in the same color group usually, so it does feel uniform in some way, but of course; it is up to you to make that creative decision.

Once the swatches are cut you want to fold over the edges about ¼” on the two sides and on the bottom. Use your Rowenta Focus iron on the steam setting to set the edges so they stay nice and flat. Once that is done you end by folding down the top edge, iron and stitch that part down with a simple straight stitch.

Now that you have a bunch of different pockets in various sizes, you want to lay them out on your backing and plan out the advent calendar. Move the different sizes around, play with the different colors and find a layout that you are happy with.

I like to place the pockets in random order, but you can line them up in even rows if you rather.

TIP: take a quick snapshot with your camera, so you can remember and refer back to your layout as you work

Now you want to iron on all the different numbers onto the pockets. You can mix it up and use different numbers: using various fonts and your handwriting, use different scale and colors. Once you have created your numbers you want to print them out on iron- on transfer paper using your ink jet printer. IMPORTANT: when you iron on numbers and letters they will come out in reverse, so make sure that when you plan your design in your computer that you create them in reverse and print them out that way. Also, using darker colored numbers works better on colored fabrics.

Once you have printed out the decals, you want to cut them out, place them on the right side of the pockets and simply iron them on with your iron – making sure to use NO steam. Once the decal is securely on you peel off the backing and your numbered pocket will be complete. Please follow the instruction on the decal packaging for more detailed instructions.

To finish the project, topstitch all the pockets in place on the backing and the advent calendar will be ready to go. In Sweden, where I am from, we have 24 days to Christmas, in USA it is 25. The best thing about this craft is that you can customize to whatever holiday tradition suits you and your family best.

Project complete! Fill the pockets with small little trinkets and treasures, candy and charms. Couldn’t be easier and more fun – a great activity to get this kids involved as well and they are going to simply love it.

Do you SEE all of those lovely fabrics that Lotta used when creating her Advent Calendar?  They just happen to be original textiles from Lotta Jansdotter.
Want to know the best part?  You have the chance to win these fabrics!  That’s right– Lotta Jansdotter has generously agreed to give away a lovely fabric bundle that includes the beautiful textiles that she used to create this Advent Calendar!

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  1. Linda Clark says:

    I think this will be perfect for the 60+ Sunday School class I teach. Instead of numbers, I’m thinking the Bible
    verses that tell the story. Thanks for the inspiration

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