We’re Leaving… On A Midnight Train to Georgia

Yes, we are in fact heading to Georgia tomorrow. We are not in fact leaving on a midnight train. I just couldn’t help myself. Every time we head home, this song pops into my head!

We’re heading out bright and early tomorrow morning to spend a little over a week visiting with family and friends. We’ll be celebrating Raileigh’s THIRD birthday while there, and do a lot of fun, touristy things– the county fair, a performance of Elmo at Phillip’s Arena, World of Coke, Children’s Museum, and more.

My sister is also expecting, and has invited me along to her ultrasound appointment. I am so incredibly giddy and excited to see my newest little niece!

I am absolutely ecstatic to see my family. To say that I miss them might be the understatement of the century. I know that they are all excited to see us as well… especially Raileigh! How could you not miss that beautiful, sweet little girl? I know I would be going through Raileigh withdrawals as well if I was in their position.

I have gotten some posts written for all of you to enjoy while we’re gone. However, if a day goes by and you don’t hear from me, no worries– we’re just off having fun!