Happy Birthday, Raileigh!

Today, my sweet little girl turns THREE YEARS OLD!

Can someone please tell me where the time has gone? It seems just yesterday that I was awaiting my 12:30pm C-Section Appointment, anxious to meet the little girl who had been calling my body her home for the past 41+ weeks.

Then, in almost the blink of an eye, she is not a baby anymore. She is an intelligent, sweet, beautiful little lady.

At 3 years old, Raileigh loves:

Pretending to be a Ballerina
Macaroni and Cheese
Reading and Books
Playing Dress-Up
Watching Movies
Sleeping with a “Friend that Doesn’t Talk” (stuffed animal)
Playing games on Daddy’s phone
Wearing a Dress
Asking “Why?”
The color purple

Ay 3 years old, Raileigh doesn’t like:

The dark
“Daddy’s Coke” (Coca-Cola)
Sitting Still
Getting a Haircut (she hasn’t had one, and is refusing to get one… ever)

Raileigh is the bright spot in every single one of my days. She is full of life and personality, and is truly the happiest person I know. She is curious about absolutely everything– she likes to touch, explore, ask questions, and know the reasoning behind everything. She is stubborn and really likes to be right. Raileigh also really likes to win. She is opinionated about many things , and is not easily influenced by others. I think we may just have a natural born leader on our hands.

Each and every day, I watch as she soaks up new things and amazes me with the plethora of knowledge that she possesses. Raileigh loves to learn, and will constantly ask to play learning games, be read to, and practice things that she already knows.

I am proud to be her mama. God truly blessed Darren and I with the best little girl in the world.

Happy Birthday Raileigh!