Giveaways– Why They Frustrate Me & Why I Am Considering Not Hosting Them Anymore

Any of you out there who have a blog and host giveaways know how much work they are!

It requires an incredible amount of time to write giveaway posts, stay in touch with sponsors, promote and maintain the giveaways, and choose and contact the winner.

However, I have done this willingly and happily ever since Wee Share began almost 2 years ago.

Lately, though, my feelings about giveaways have changed.

I have had several readers not receive their giveaway wins. Unfortunately, this happens occasionally, and I know firsthand just how frustrating this can be. I have won my share of giveaways and did not receive the prize. It really, really stinks.

Believe me– I do not want anyone to go without a prize they rightfully won. I do what I can to ensure that prizes will arrive at their intended destination.

I do no ship giveaway prizes. Once in a blue moon, I may ship a prize, but this happens less than 1% of the time. I always send over the winner’s information to the sponsor as soon as I get it. From there, it is entirely up to the sponsor to ship the product out.

Almost every sponsor asks that you allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Though it often doesn’t take this long, it could.

Then, there are times when the 6 weeks have passed and nothing has arrived. Most often, this seems to be due to lost emails, a miscommunication within the sponsor company, a personnel change, or someone on an extended vacation or leave.

When I am contacted about a missing prize, I do what I can to locate it and ensure that it is delivered. Sometimes, I do miss an email from a winner. I am a mom and wife first and foremost, and a blogger after that. I don’t always have a lot of time to sort through emails. Even when I do, there is a small chance I might overlook one that is important. For this, I am sorry.

The problem is when those who do not receive their prize become vindictive and angry towards me. Harsh words have been said towards me on Facebook (deleted now– don’t bother going to look) and through email.

I am sorry– but I do not want to have to put up with this. With all of the time, work, and energy I put into running giveaways, this just does not seem worth it.

I KNOW that not all of you feel or act this way, and I do greatly appreciate it. Your kind comments and emails really do make my day.

However, the unkind words and general rudeness are just getting to me lately, and I don’t know that it is something I want to endure any longer.