The Day Raileigh Was Born

I am sure that all of you vividly remember the day your little one was born.

I can easily recall many details of the day that Raileigh joined this world. It was September 11, 2008. This was Day #4 of being in the hospital for me. Early in the morning, my doctors entered the room to check my progress. I had been on Petocin for 2 days straight, and had gotten no closer to a delivery.

Ever since I discovered that my due date was close to September 11, I had been quite adamant that I did not want Raileigh to arrive on that day. However, once I had been in the hospital for 4 days, on Petocin for 2 of them, and was making no progress– not even a contraction– I was ready for her whenever she would come.

So, the morning of September 11, when my doctors offered to do a c-section, I knew it was the right choice for us. I was already a week overdue and was anxious to see my daughter. We set a lunch date for 12:30pm, and I was told the procedure would take a total of 8 minutes. Sure enough- at 12:38 pm, Raileigh Jahzmyne Glaze was born.

My beautiful baby girl weighed 7 lb. 7oz. and was 21 inches long. From the very first moment I saw her, I knew that I had been blessed beyond measure. This precious bundle of joy was the perfect addition to our little family.

I know that it won’t be long before Raileigh begins to ask “What happened the day I was born?” She is curious about everything, and she is going to want to know ALL the details. That is why I am thrilled about an all-new website from Tommee Tippee- The Day Baby Was Born. This interactive website allows you to easily create a digital storybook that captures baby’s beginnings.

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