Someone has STOLEN Our Bank Account Information

Last night, Darren logged on to check his bank account. He does this every few days so that we can see what has gone through and know exactly where we stand financially.

This time, the news was not good. Our account was in the red, thanks to someone else. Fraudulent charges appeared from someone in New York City. It seems they had charged a small amount (most likely to check and see if it worked), then took a taxi ride, and made an incredibly large purchase at Sephora.

Meanwhile, Darren had bought lunch at Chick-Fil-A here in Charleston, and something else I cannot remember. The whole ordeal had resulted in an overdrawn account plus 5 overdraft fees.

Immediately, Darren called and cancelled our debit card. He will be on the phone with our bank as soon as they open this morning. Our bank is a credit union and only located in Georgia, so he doesn’t have the luxury of simply stopping by.

Thankfully, we just filled up with gas and bought a lot of groceries. It’s a really good thing because I don’t think we’ll have access to money for a little while at least. We don’t use credit cards at all, so our debit card and bank account are truly our only source of purchasing anything.

I just hope and pray that this all gets straightened out soon. Also, part of me hopes that whatever mean awful person that did this feels the karma at some point– maybe all those expensive beauty products will fall from their bag and roll down the sewer in NYC. Wishful thinking, huh?

I’ve been trying to figure out how this happened. Truth be told, though, I may never know. I have only made two online purchases recently- Target and Zulily. I’d like to think that these two companies are reputable enough to where they’d protect me from something like this, but you never know. It could be someone was was our waiter in a restaurant back in April and wrote our account info down to use at a later date. I’ll probably sit here all day racking my brain and trying to figure it out!

Has your account information ever been stolen? I would love to know about your experience and the recovery process.