Meet Our Table Guest– Olivia the Pig

Soon after we moved to our new home a few weeks ago, Raileigh began insisting that Olivia sit at the table with us. Olivia isn’t quite tall enough to really sit in the chair, so I push the chair in and kind of pin Olivia between the table and chair.

Raileigh then proceeds to “cook” a meal for Olivia. She calls herself the maker. Raileigh pulls out all the stops when she prepares Olivia’s food. There is always multiple courses, something to drink, and a napkin.

Raileigh likes to sit across from Olivia when she eats. She tells me when Olivia isn’t eating well, and remind Olivia to wipe her hands on the napkin.

Olivia is our constant table guest. To be honest, I kind of love it. It is fun to see Raileigh’s imagination grow, and observe how incredibly good she is at pretending!

Do your children like to pretend and use their imagination? Who are their favorite friends to play pretend with?