Hurricane Irene is Coming… So I Made a Hurricane Dress for Raileigh!

Hurricane Irene is heading our way. We’re about 20 miles inland near Charleston. It’s not expected to be horrible here– just a lot of high winds and rain. It’s supposed to hit land a bit north of us in North Carolina. However, according to The Weather Channel, we still fall within the “Medium Threat Level” area, so we’re keeping an eye on the weather just to be safe.

While we were moving and I was going through my ginormous pile of shirts waiting to be upcycled, I uncovered a shirt Darren and I picked up thrifting years ago. It’s a blue “I Survived Hurricane Hugo” shirt. Though neither of us actually lived here when that devastating storm came through, we purchased the shirt nonetheless. What can I say– we have a thing for odd, vintage tees.

Anyhow, when the threat of Hurricane Irene came about, I remembered our old Hurricane Hugo shirt, and knew that it was destined to become a dress (because that’s all she wants to wear) for Raileigh.

I used the Sienna Dress Pattern by Lil Blue Boo with a few modifications:

  • Sleeve shortened to make more of a cap sleeve
  • Used dress size 3T with the length extended to somewhere between a 4 and 6 (there isn’t a size 5, but that’s where it would be if there was one)

All blue pieces of the dress were reclaimed from the Hurricane Hugo shirt. The dark green is part of an old Oakland Athletics Little League tee. This one happened to be mine and I wore it often before Raileigh was born. It had a v-neck, which I loved. The shirt hasn’t fit in years, so I thought it was about time to do something useful with it.

The dress is completely Raileigh approved. This hasn’t happened too often in the past, so it definitely makes me smile big. She has deemed the dress twirl-worthy, and even asked to not take it off.

We love our new hurricane dress. Raileigh is wearing it today as we prepare for the arrival of Irene. I know it will get a lot of wear in the future as well.

Any of you that are in the path of Hurricane Irene– I am praying for your safety.