A Day At The Beach

This past week, we had the pleasure of enjoying a visit from some of our family. Darren’s brother, Kevin, and his wonderful girlfriend, Angela, spent the better part of the week with us.

One day, before they left, we decided to take a trip to the beach. Living in Summerville, we have easy access to several beaches. We chose to go to Edisto Island. This is not our closest beach, but it is one that I really enjoy.

When I tell you that it’s hot here, I think that might be an understatement. Temperatures have been reaching well over 100 degrees daily. After doing a little research on the Weather Channel website, we discovered that next to South Texas, our area is the hottest in the country.

Despite the awful heat, we headed out mid-morning for our beach excursion. I was incredibly excited because this was Raileigh’s first trip to the beach since she was an infant. Basically, it was the first time she would remember being at the beach.

We found a small parking area just outside the state park on Edisto, and left our vehicle there. We headed down to the beach, and were the only ones enjoying this area of the beach for quite some time. A few others did eventually join us, but it was never close being crowded at all.

Raileigh immediately took to the ocean. She wasn’t scared or hesitant in the least bit. I was glad, but also a bit concerned! It did let me know that we will have to make many, many trips to the beach with our sweet little girl.

Darren and Kevin enjoyed a game of frisbee for a while. It was really windy, so they weren’t all that successful. They had fun, though, and it was entertaining to watch. At some point, Raileigh got the frisbee, and decided she didn’t want to give it back. Eventually she did, and the game went on.

She also enjoyed some time digging and playing in the sand. I was excited that she finally got to use her new sand toys that I’ve been hanging on to for a while now.

One reason that I love Edisto Beach SO much is the plethora of shells. Within the state park, I always have great success at finding a variety of shells. The area of the beach that we visited didn’t yield as many shells, but there was still plenty to enjoy. Plus, I found several pieces of beach glass, one of my favorite beach treasures.

Before we left, we enjoyed an oceanside picnic. Sandwiches and chips hit the spot after a day playing in the water and sand.

While we were eating, the birds descended upon us. I suppose they thought that we were going to feed them some of our chips and bread!

When it was time to leave, Raileigh did not want to go. We had to retrieve her from the water several times before we actually got started towards our car.

It was an incredibly fun day with beautiful weather, great company, and many happy memories. I look forward to many days at the beach with my family in the near future.

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from our day at Edisto Beach.