Book Review: S’more Time With God by Nancy Ferguson

S’more Time With God

Written by: Nancy Ferguson

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9780817016630

About this Book (as taken from the Judson Press website)

Author Nancy Ferguson brings years of experience as a parent and a church camp professional to this interactive devotional designed especially for families and church groups with young children. Organized around five week-long themes, this creative resource explores Scripture and nature to teach accessible and hands-on lessons about God, human relationships, and creation care.

Each weekly theme includes the following six components:

1. Theme—describes in few words the thematic focus of the day’s discussion

2. Claim the Time—a song or Bible verse to signal the beginning of family time with God

3. A Place to Begin—provides one or two questions or discussion ideas to use before the “Something to Do” activity.

4. Something to Do—an outdoor activity for your family or church group to do together, connected to the biblical story that will follow

5. Bible Discovery— includes a retelling of the biblical passage, ideally in your own words

6. Closing Prayer

Finally, we’ve included a recipe for s’mores and other camp treats. This is the perfect resource for family camping trips or church camps!

Our Thoughts

S’more Time With God is a unique and fun way to bring spiritual devotions into your camping trip. Whether you are tent camping, enjoying some time away in an RV, or at church camp, this book is an ideal way to tie in nature and time with God.

I like the way each day’s devotional is set up. It’s realistic in the fact that kids aren’t going to sit still and soak up reading if that’s all you do. It mixes Bible reading with an activity and time to think about and apply the concepts and principles being presented. There is opportunity to interact with the others enjoying the devotional as well.

The book provides several ideas on how to set the mood or setting for devotion and worship. Sometimes, the idea will include a simple, well-known song you can sing. Other times, it will suggest a simple scripture to read.

This is followed by some open ended questions and time for kids and other participants to think about the topic being presented. There is a fun activity, followed by a Bible passage.

What I like about this book is that it really helps to get things on a level that kids can understand. It also helps to bring everyone who is camping and enjoying time outdoors together with each other and with God.

S’more Time With God is available for purchase from Judson Press.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. I received a copy of the book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.