A BIG Announcement!

I have been a bit scarce lately– but I am sure you have already noticed that!

I do have a good reason for this…

We found out a little over a week ago that we will be relocating at the end of July!

Atlanta will be in our rear view once again, and we’ll be returning to the Palmetto State.

We lived just outside of Charleston, SC for a few years, including when Raileigh was born. When she was about 5 months old, we returned to Georgia, where every last bit of our immediate family lives.

However, in the past few months, we have been itching for a change. We both miss our friends, our church, and the area we lived in when we were in South Carolina. So, when the opportunity to return to Charleston arose, we jumped on it.

Darren’s job will transfer. However, he will be in a different location than when we previously lived in South Carolina. He will actually be working in the location that I was in prior to giving birth to Raileigh.

We were in the area this week, and found a house that we love. It’s only about a mile from where we lived previously. Our new house will be in Summerville, which is also known as “flower town in the pines”. It is truly a beautiful little Southern town. We will be about 15 miles outside of Charleston.

As we hurriedly pack boxes and prepare for this next chapter of our life, I will most likely continue to be a bit scarce. However, once we are settled, I will be back in full force.

Thank you for your continued support!


  1. MTgunfighter says:


    It is always nice to be able to live and work in a place where you love it…

    I have a question – despite being half way around the world, I have never been closer to the south than AZ – isn’t a palmetto bug a huge insect that detracts from your outdoor recreational pursuits?

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