Kmart Playdate Place– A FANTASTIC Place to Plan Your Next Playdate

Have you heard of Kmart Playdate Place? I recently learned about this all-new online destination for all things playdate related. Kmart has created a truly unique source to help make your next kids get-together a true hit.

In preparation for our upcoming playdate, I have been perusing Kmart Playdate Place and using the resources found here to plan out all the details of our impending get-together.

There are a plethora of articles at Kmart Playdate Place that can help to educate and guide you through the playdate planning process. You can easily sort the articles to find information on exactly what you’re looking for- activity time, playdate safety, playdate prep, and more! The articles are written by the Kmart Playdate Place Panel of Expert Bloggers. Look through the list of contributors– I am sure you will recognize a name or two!

One article I found particularly enlightening was Make Your Home a Playdate Paradise. This is a great basic set of tips to help your playdate planning and execution go smoothly. I am a planner by nature, and this article helped to highlight the things you really need to focus on and plan for, as well as those things you really don’t need to worry about.

After I read this article, I picked out a few things that I needed to focus on when planning my playdate:

  • What time of day will the party take place? Since many of Raileigh’s friends nap in the afternoons, we will be hosting our party in the mid-morning. It will most likely occur from 10am until around noon.
  • Will the party be indoors or outside? Weather permitting, I want to host my playdate outside. However, I need to be sure and have a few indoor alternatives in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • What age children will be in attendance? I want to invite children of a similar age to Raileigh, as they will be more likely to enjoy playing with the same types of toys, and will enjoy similar activities.
  • What type of food will we provide? Since the party will most likely overlap with many children’s lunch times, we’ll provide basic sandwich fixings, as well as goldfish, apple slices, and juice boxes. For the parents, we’ll offer bottled water as well.

After figuring out some of the basics for our Playdate, it was time to decide what exactly we would have to entertain the little ones. At Kmart Playdate Place, you can find a fantastic list of toys that are specifically recommended for playdates. I browsed the extensive product list, and came across many things that I knew would be a hit at our playdate.

Since I am planning an outdoor playdate, I focused primarily on toys and activities geared toward outdoor play. I also tried to find things that were appropriate for preschool age children. I found plenty of options to fit my scenario perfectly, and bookmarked several that I just might have to pick up for our get-together.

I highly recommend that you sign up for Kmart Playdate Place— the go-to place for everything playdate related. It is completely free to sign up and the benefits are amazing:

  • Access to all of the wonderful articles and information I outlined above
  • Playdate tips, ideas, and exclusive offers delivered to your inbox
  • Chance to win weekly and monthly prize giveaways
  • Playdate Perks– Exclusive discounts on the HOTTEST toys

Stay tuned as we continue to plan our big Playdate Party! I’ll tell you all about the toys we chose using Kmart Playdate Place, as well as the tips and tricks I picked up there to help make our playdate a success.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own.


  1. mmbear says:

    Wow, I did not know so much was put into playdates! When I was raising my daughter, they just went and played. Never had to worry about all of the above! I guess it is a good thing I am just a grandmother and all this is in my daughter’s hands now! Phew!

  2. T n T - K n K says:

    Oh how I miss my little ones taking naps so that I can plan the day around that! My brain doesn’t even go there anymore 😉 That is awesome thinking!

    Can’t wait to see your date! Have fun.

  3. Naomi says:

    So smart to take everyone’s naptimes into consideration! It seems like we’ve had to skip many a playdate because it fell during those golden hours…

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