IMPORTANT: New Giveaway Entry Requirements

As I am sure many of you have noticed, I am making it mandatory to follow my blog using Google Friend Connect.


Well, it takes a lot of work to run giveaways. I enjoy it, but it is still quite time consuming. I feel that if you are coming here and entering giveaways, then you can show a bit of support by clicking that little follow button. I know this may be upsetting to some of you and it may bother you. For that, I am sorry. However, this is how I feel about it, so for now I am making it mandatory to follow this blog in order to enter any of the giveaways.

This is a given on every giveaway from here on out. This means that the mandatory entry is really two-fold: follow Wee Share and whatever else I ask (usually a favorite product from a website or why you want to win). You must follow the blog AND complete the 2nd portion of the entry in order for your comment to count.

Additionally, I have amended the extra giveaway entries to reflect this. I have also made a few more changes to the extra giveaway entries as well. The page has been updated and the changes will be in red for a while. I will also share them with you here. PLEASE NOTE: If the extra entry says to leave your username, then please do so. I am not going to spend forever trying to verify your extra entry if you’re chosen as the winner. If picks your entry and I cannot easily verify that you follow, subscribe, etc., then I will choose a new winner.

EXTRA ENTRIES AMENDED JUNE 6, 2011 Changes shown in red

– 1 extra entry- Subscribe to Wee Share via email (must be activated to count)

– 1 extra entry- Subscribe to Wee Share using rss feed

– 1 extra entry- “Like” WeeShare on Facebook (include your Facebook username in comment)

– 1 extra entry- Follow Wee Share using Networked Blogs (leave username in comment)

– 1 extra entry each- Vote for Wee Share on Top Baby Blogs and Picket Fence Blogs (this can be done daily, so please click and vote for each giveaway you want extra entries in)

– 1 extra entry each- Comment on a non-giveaway post (Can be done up to 5 times per giveaway– feel free to comment more, only 5 will count, though)

– 1 extra entry- Follow WeeShare on twitter (include your twitter ID in comment)

– 1 extra entry- tweet about this giveaway (may be done daily)

– 1 extra entry- Add this giveaway to any linky (can be done up to 5 times for 1 entry each time)

2 extra entries- add my NEW button to your blog (old yellow button does not count). Let me know where I can find it!

5 extra entries- Blog about this giveaway and provide a link back to the giveaway AND a link to the sponsor. This must be a blog post all in it’s own, not a generic announcement post to share several giveaways. Post must be at least 50 words. Must include a picture. (please include web address of blog post in your comment)

Sorry if all of this sounds harsh. I am just trying to run an efficient, fair giveaway site, and these things will help it to be smoother for everyone.

Thank you in advance for understanding!


  1. Helena says:

    I gladly follow those people whose giveaways I enter. I don’t understand those people who are stingy with their follows. I think Google allows you like 2000 follows or something outrageous like that! Thanks for the explanation.

  2. Becca says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is to follow someone on gfc! It’s the least you can do when they are basically giving you something for free!!!

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