Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens

The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens is one of my absolute favorite places. Once you get past the heavy humidity, the center is absolutely breathtaking.

This is North America’s largest glass enclosed butterfly conservatory. There are over 1,000 butterflies inhabiting the center, representing more than 50 different species. Every visit to the center is truly unique as a variety of factors influence the butterflies you will see:

  • Available Sunshine
  • Season of the Year
  • Recently Received Butterfly Shipments
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Stability of the Ecosystem

You can pick up a butterfly identification card upon entering the center so that you’ll know which specific species of butterflies you encounter.

In addition to the conservatory, there are other things to do and see at the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center as well. Outside, a beautifully landscaped lawn surrounds the center. There are swings and benches to rest upon. Inside, you will find a gift shop (my favorite at Callaway Gardens) and butterfly artwork throughout the lobby. If you time your visit right, you can also sit in on the Butterflies 101 talk.

I’ll leave you with pictures from our last two visits to the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. We went on both Friday and Saturday when we visited Callaway Gardens recently. Each trip to the center was truly different and definitely amazing.

Disclosure: I visited the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center while attending the TreeTop TweetUp at Callaway Gardens. All opinions are my own.

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