Cars 2 + Fandango = The PERFECT Summer Team (+ Ticket Giveaway)

It is finally opening weekend of the long-awaited Cars 2!

Do you know what that means? That we purchased tickets, of course!

For the first time, we used Fandango to order our tickets. Fandango allows you to purchase tickets before showtime. On opening weekend, this is pretty exciting because we won’t have to worry about showing up to the theater to find the movie already sold out.

We found Fandango to be very user-friendly. I’ll walk you through our experience to show you just how easy it was. You can also view our entire online shopping experience on Intersect.

We headed over to the Fandango website. Look! There are exclusive Cars 2 cast interviews featured on the front page.

In addition to the cast interviews, there are clips from the movie as well. No matter that we have seen the preview a zillion times already, we took time to watch it once more.

Time to buy tickets!

We entered our zip code to easily find movie theaters near us that are serviced by Fandango AND that are showing Cars 2.

We were hoping to head to one of our local AMC locations (we have a concessions certificate for there!). However, they are not serviced by Fandango online ticketing.

We had two more local options- Carmike, which the closest, and Regal Cinemas at the mall, which is also showing Cars 2 in 3D.

We decided to go with Carmike for time reasons.

Raileigh’s only been to the movies one other time, and that was for a preview we were invited to. So, we had to check the theater’s ago policy before purchasing tickets. Thankfully, her ticket is still free!

We chose our tickets– two bargain matinees– and proceeded to pay.

How NOT exciting– $1.25 convenience fee per ticket. Not thrilled about that, but I do like that I can pay via paypal.

We logged into paypal and completed our payment information.

Time to complete our transaction.

It’s processing!

We were given instructions to pick up our tickets at the theater.

A receipt to print for our records. Simple, easy, fast, and we have tickets for the 3pm show of Cars 2 at Carmike 12 Theater.

Sunday finally arrived, and it was time to head out to our afternoon showing of Cars 2. We were standing in line, and then realized that there was a special window to go to if you had purchased on Fandango. In just a few moments, we had tickets, a complimentary Cars 2 sticker book, and were on our way into the theater.

This was Raileigh’s third visit to the theater. She was really good for the first half of the movie. She excitedly yelled out a few character names, but so did every other kid in the theater. About halfway through the movie, she started having a rough time. I think she was just tired, and it was my fault for picking a mid-afternoon show time. She didn’t disturb anyone else around us, though, which was good.

Now, for the actual movie. Did we like it? Yes! Was it as good as the original Cars movie? Not even close. I am a self-proclaimed die-hard Cars fan. It is my absolute all-time favorite movie. So, maybe my expectations were a bit too high.

I enjoyed seeing a bit more action from Mater. Cars 2 definitely focuses more on his character. However, for me, the movie just didn’t have the sparkle that the original one did. I also missed seeing Doc Hudson aka the Hudson Hornet. His character was voiced by Paul Newman. He passed away since Cars was originally released. So, Doc Hudson passed away as well.

After saying all of this, I still think that Cars 2 is a must see. If you have little ones who are into Cars, Lightning McQueen, and Mater, then they will enjoy seeing their friends on the big screen again. Plus, there are definitely some new characters that I really liked.

If you purchase your Cars 2 tickets on Fandango, you will get a FREE itunes download. It is a short 7 minute movie featuring Mater. I have to tell you– it’s a really cute little movie!

I was glad that Fandango allowed us to make sure we would have tickets when we arrived at the theater. There are some other big movies arriving in theaters this summer, and Fandango would definitely be the way to go if you want to make sure the movie doesn’t sell out without you getting tickets first. Here is a short list if upcoming releases for the summer. Remember to order your tickets to these movies through Fandango:

  • Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon- June 29
  • Monte Carlo- July 1
  • Zookeeper- July 8
  • Winnie the Pooh- July 15
  • Captain America- July 22

Do you have a must see movie on your list this summer? GREAT news! Fandango wants to send one lucky reader and their friend to a movie this summer. That’s right– one reader is going to win a pair of tickets to a movie of their choice from Fandango!

*Theaters available for ticketing on or any of Fandango’s apps.

Here’s how to enter:

Mandatory Entry (Must be done before any extra entries will qualify)

You must publicly follow my blog through Google Friend Connect. Also, check out the Fandango website and let me know what movie you’d most likely use your tickets for.

Extra Entries (Please leave a separate comment for each entry)

Please visit the Extra Giveaway Entries page for even more ways to gain extra entries into this giveaway!

Giveaway is open to US Only. Giveaway will close July 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the thorough report you did. The screenshots were wonderful. I am glad to see Fandango using seamless integration with PayPal. My website allows event hosts to sell tickets online for the events without per-ticket fees. We use PayPal integration as well and our users love it!

    Thanks for the post again!


  2. pauline15 says:

    Since we’ve already thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cars 2 (by the way, it’s great for all ages!) we would use the tickets for Transformers and/or Harry Potter!

  3. CindyWindy2003 says:

    I follow this blog publicly GFC CindyWindy2003, carawling(at)hotmail(dot)com
    and I’d like to use my tickets for Harry Potter

  4. kelley c says:

    I’m a follower, kelley with winking cat avatar, and I’d use it to see Cars 2 also. My boys have been begging to go.


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