Top Ten {Tuesday} Sewing Blogs

Perhaps I am just REALLY missing having a working sewing machine this week. Even though mine isn’t functioning and it’s not in the budget to purchase a replacement right now… I have found myself browsing some of my favorite sewing blogs and bookmarking projects to make at a later date.

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to find sewing inspiration and tutorials.


So, if you are into reading crafty blogs AT ALL, then I am sure you already know about Dana and her blog, MADE. There are so many wonderful things happening at MADE- adorable kiddos, DELICIOUS looking food, beautiful photography, and of course incredible sewing tutorials! I have used several of Dana’s tutorials and patterns to create things for Raileigh (you may remember the summer dress I made Raileigh a while back). Everything is very well written and I never have any trouble following along with the instructions. If you’re a loyal MADE reader or just visiting for the first time, prepare to be inspired with each and every visit.

I started following Jess and her blog Craftiness is Not Optional a while back. I immediately fell in love with everything about this blog. Jess is incredibly talented and she generously shares the details behind many of her creations in well written tutorials. She is truly the Queen of dress-up clothes. I think her daughter must have a dress to represent each and every princess. She also has started doing sew-alongs recently, in which she teaches you how to make the pattern to fit your little one, then tells you how to put it together. That is what I love most about Craftiness is No Optional– I learn something new every time I use one of Jess’s tutorials.

I don’t remember exactly when I discovered the crafty sisters at Shwin & Shwin. I do know that my list of things I wanted to sew immediately doubled. Shwin & Shwin hasn’t been around terribly long, but they have an incredibly extensive list of tutorials. One of the sisters, Shauna, has a little girl right around Raileigh’s age. So, of course everything that she creates catches my eye. Their designs are modern and often look like mini versions of things I would like to wear. Check out Shwin & Shwin for unique tutorials unlike those you can find anywhere else.

Kojo Designs is a wonderful creative blog ran by two sisters- Kirsten and Jordan. They are two talented ladies. They have written many fabulous tutorials that I cannot wait to try (Raileigh would love this upcycled baby pram!). Kirstin and Jordan also throw the best parties and blog events. Right now, they are celebrating with Color My Summer— a tutorial filled event inspiring us to create in every color of the rainbow!

I found Katy and her absolutely gorgeous blog, No Big Dill, sometime last year. I immediately fell in love with her gorgeous photographs. She also has FIVE gorgeous girls that are frequently the subjects of her photos. She also has an amazing eye for detail. She adds these incredible little touches to everything that she creates and it makes what she sews really stand out (check out the inside of this jacket to see what I mean!). Katy also has some wonderful tutorials in which I’m sure you’ll learn lots of new sewing techniques!

Kelly this an incredibly talented mama currently living in the small island of Timor (hence the name of her blog). She started Sewing in No Mans Land almost a year ago. Kelly has one incredibly adorable daughter and one bundle of joy on the way. She lives near Bali, and many of the fashions she creates for her daughter are often inspired by the styles found there. She offers many of her projects as tutorials for us. I think you’ll be amazed with Kelly’s unique style and the beautiful setting she gets to photograph her projects in.

Disney is the lady behind the beautiful blog Ruffles and Stuff. Besides having one amazing blog, she has just about the coolest name I know! I love so many things about Disney and Ruffles and Stuff. For one– she reminds me of my friend Heather (looks, kids with food sensitivities and all!). She has a great section on her blog called Sew Basic. It’s kind of like Sewing 101– teaching you the materials you’ll need, how to sew a straight line, and others basic things. Disney also has some incredible tutorials, many of which are made from my favorite type of fabric- knits!

Cheri is the talented woman over at I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar. She is the only female in the house and has two adorable little boys. So, many of her sewing projects are geared more towards boys, unlike the frills you see on other sewing blogs. It’s not ALL boy, though. Cheri makes gorgeous things for herself and has a girls t-shirt dress refashion I am dying to try! She has several weekly features, my favorite of which is Sunshine Sunday (where Cheri shares beautiful pictures from her week along with things she’s thankful for).


A Lemon Squeezy Home is a wonderful blog ran by Christie. She has three incredibly cute kiddos. Besides the fact that I LOVE the name of her blog, Christie has some great things going on there as well. She writes fantastic tutorials! There are some great ideas for little girls clothing (I really want to make this paper bag skirt with ruffle pockets), but I am also drawn to a lot of the other things she creates as well. I am pretty sure my bike needs one of these vintage bike baskets and I love her Easter wreath. Go check out Christie’s blog for inspiration of projects for the whole family.

Meg is a mother of three and the lady behind Elsie Marley. She’s got some really fun tutorials, both sewn and not. I can’t wait to give her boy belt a try… though it would be for Raileigh, of course! My favorite thing at Elsie Marley, though is Kids Clothing Week Challenge. This is an annual event Meg puts on the encourage everyone to crank out some amazing clothing for their kids. Yesterday was the first day of this years challenge, and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!


  1. Helena says:

    Sewing is a hobby I left behind years ago, mainly because I left my sewing machine behind when I moved. Sometimes I really miss it…I love this list. I’ll go and just drool over the projects sometime!

  2. Crystal says:

    I’ve never been handy with a sewing machine, but give me some yarn and I can blow your mind! I taught myself to crochet when I was a teenager, and a few years ago I taught myself to knit. I would be very interested in learning how to ACTUALLY learn to sew if I get to try out some of those awesome ideas!

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