Our Strawberry Picking Adventure

Saturday morning bright and early, we ventured out to pick bright red, delicious, juicy strawberries.

There is a strawberry patch located very close to our house, and we have been picking strawberries there for several years. Even when we lived in South Carolina, we would make a point to visit the patch when we were home during picking season.

This was actually our first visit this season.

We chose a row to pick on and everyone started to pick berries to fill our bucket. Even Raileigh was picking strawberries!

That didn’t last long. She quickly realized how much more fun it was to EAT the strawberries that mommy and daddy picked.

We spent about half an hour picking, eating, and enjoying a little time outside before it got ridiculously hot.

Now, we have a large bucket of strawberries in the refrigerator. I have a few things I want to try making with some of them… that is, if we don’t eat all of them first!


  1. Tonya @ Live the Adventure says:

    When my children were young they weren’t allowed in the pick-your-own-field so picking strawberries just never happened. Now we’ve moved and they’re older (teens) and I’d love to give strawberry picking a try. We love fresh strawberries! 🙂

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