Kids Craft- Cookie Cutter Painting (with tutorial)

For our holiday gift guide, we reviewed a VERY large bucket of cookie cutters. In fact, there were 101 cookie cutters in that ginormous container. While we love baking and love to make cookies, the truth is we won’t be using all 101 of those cookie cutters to make cookies any time soon.

However, we have found a very fun way to use the cookie cutters a lot more often. We are painting with them!

Here’s a little more information about painting with cookie cutters.

I let Raileigh choose three cookie cutters to use. I have found that smaller ones tend to be easier for her to work with. On this occasion, she chose a star, heart, and the number 2.

I also let her choose three colors of paint- one for each cookie cutter. She chose orange, pink, and green.

We squirted the paint out onto a paper plate, and used the cookie cutters to smear the paint around a bit. Then, Raileigh would dip the cookie cutter in the paint and “stamp” it on her paper.

It was that simple! Raileigh enjoyed the opportunity to paint with something other than a brush or her fingers. Plus, it is actually a lot easier to clean paint covered cookie cutters than it is paint brushes.

Go try it– I am sure your kids will love painting with cookie cutters as well!

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