Just In Time for Summer– Two New Books from Blue Apple Books! {with giveaway!}

Spring just arrived, but before we know it summer will be upon us. Raileigh is such a little sponge, and I am eager to get outdoors and teach her all about the things in our own backyard.

Just in time for summer and our outdoor learning adventures, Blue Apple Books has released two new high-concept titles about the wonders of nature.

How Things Work In The Yard

Written by: Lisa Campbell Ernst

Pages: 40

ISBN: 9781609050092

How Things Work in the Yard describes the inner workings of just about everything that’s right outside a youngster’s back door — including acorns, bubbles, puddles, ants, fireflies, clouds, birds and even dandelions (did you know they close at night and then open again in the sun?). Just right for kids ages 4-8, creator Lisa Campbell Ernst deftly strikes the right balance of detailed yet easy-to-understand language and cleverly labeled drawings to inventively explain the functioning of objects that may seem quite ordinary to us grown ups but rather extraordinary to our children!

I was incredibly delighted when I heard about this book. Though it is aimed at children ages 4-8, I knew that my curious little one would love to learn about how things work. In this book, you and your child will learn about rocks, bubbles, clouds, puddles, snails, dirt, and so much more.

We have a lot of dandelions in our yard, so I was really excited to teach Raileigh more about them. I recently taught her how to blow the open seed heads off of a dandelion, and thought it would be great to expand her knowledge. I learned something from this book myself– I had no idea that the yellow flowers in the yard and the white puffy flowers are just two different version of the same flower! The yellow flowers are when the dandelion is in flower form. The white puffy flowers are when the dandelion has an open seen head.

I am taking this book slowly with Raileigh. It is incredibly well written and full of lots of fun information. Every little topic is like it’s own lesson. To help make the lessons learned stick, I am sharing them her in small doses and doing extension activities to further share each topic with her.

Bugs By The Numbers

Written by: Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

Pages: 56

ISBN: 9781609050610

Bugs by the Numbers features an amazing array of insects: butterflies to termites, dragonflies to walking sticks. What makes this book a true stand-out is that these incredible insects are ingeniously engineered out of numerals. Each entry also includes fascinating numeric facts about its subject — like how a flea can bite up to 400 times per day or that a queen termite can lay 1 egg every 15 seconds! This eye-catching and imaginative book for kiddos ages 6-12 features 9 die-cut gatefolds and text that is fun, funny and informative!

I have to say that this is one of the most unique, fun, interactive children’s books I have came across in quite some time. The bugs featured and illustrated within this book are made up of a series of numbers. For example, the entire picture of the fly is made of the numeral 6, repeated time and time again in various sizes and fonts. Then, the book ties the number in to several aspects of the bug. A house fly has 6 feet, and since they taste with their feet, it’s just like having 6 tongues!

There are several fun numbers facts about every book within this book. Some of the facts truly are amazing, and many of the facts are ones that I haven’t known before. I know that Raileigh cannot grasp the sheer magnitude of some of the number facts (a female fly lays about 1000 eggs in her lifetime), but it is still really wonderful to share each and every one of them with her. The more I share with her, the more she will learn and soak up as we continue to delve into this interesting title.

I am excited to tell you today that two of you will be able to get ready for summer with Blue Apple Books. That’s right- two of you will receive the same two books that I reviewed above!

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