DaGeDar- An EXCITING New Game from the Makers of ZhuZhu Pets

I have told you before, but it warrants saying again– we are a game-loving family!

We introduced Raileigh to games at an early age, and she is already hooked as well. She has some favorites that she wouldn’t mind playing each and every day- Memory, Mega Bloks Domino Build, and Gator Golf, just to name a few.

Naturally, I am always on the lookout for new games that I think my family would enjoy.

Recently, I heard about a new game called DaGeDar. It’s from the makers of ZhuZhu pets and was just released upon Phoenix. The rest of us can see it some time this summer, and I cannot wait to check it out for myself.

They have taken the classic and well-known game of marbles and put a modern spin on it. DaGeDar features supercharged battle balls that are just asking to be raced! The game encourages strategy and skill. Best of all, it lets the players set the rules!

Here is a bit more about this exciting new game:

DaGeDar™ (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) collectible supercharged battle balls have a special feel and weight that almost demand to be raced! Each DaGeDar™ battle ball boasts a graphic design that reflects the true energy contained within. More than 240 different DaGeDar™ ball graphics are planned for release this year, with varying degrees of rarity. Each ball carries a special code number that when registered on the DaGeDar™ website will reveal the true spirit contained within the DaGeDar™ ball, as well as its hidden powers, which can assist in racing strategy and let kids unleash the power within!

Racing DaGeDar™ balls requires skill, practice, agility and finesse. Players must control the speed and velocity of DaGeDar™ balls in order to propel them through thrilling loops and turns without forcing the balls off the tracks. Exciting tricks and stunts can be refined by whirling DaGeDar™ balls in Spinners or loading several balls into Battle Launchers to unleash them with supercharged battle play.

So, I’ve told you all about DaGeDar… but you may be having a hard time picturing it in your head (I know that I was!). So, I want to share this DaGeDar commercial with you so that you can SEE firsthand how exciting this game looks.

Don’t forget– DagGeDar will be released nationwide this summer, so keep your eyes opened for the coolest new toy and game on the block!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I am participating in a campaign with MomSelect in which I am trying to win the entire DaGeDar line! All opinions are my own.