A Western Lowland Gorilla is born at Zoo Atlanta!

May 9, 2011 was a big day at Zoo Atlanta.

Kudzoo, a 17 year old female, gave birth to an infant Western Lowland Gorilla. This baby is the second offspring for Kudzoo and Taz, a 21 year old male gorilla. It is also the third grandchild of the late Willie B.

“We’re very excited about the birth of Kudzoo’s infant, particularly given Atlanta’s long connection to Willie B.’s family,” said Dwight Lawson, Deputy Director of Zoo Atlanta. “Kudzoo has already proven to be an excellent mother, and she appears to be demonstrating those same maternal skills in the care of her newest arrival.”

Kudzoo was the first born child to the infamous Willie B. She was born February 8, 1994. All of Willie B.’s children, including Kudzoo and her four siblings (Olympia, 14; Willie B., Jr., 13; Sukari, 12; and Lulu, 11) still reside at Zoo Atlanta. Kudzoo’s mother, Choomba, age 50, still resides at the zoo as well.

Kudzoo delivered her first baby in December of 2005. Macy Baby was Willie B.’s first grandchild. Sukari gave birth to the second grandchild, Gunther, in August of 2006.

Zoo Atlanta is currently home to the world’s largest collection of gorillas. There are 24 residents within the gorilla habitat. Their home, the Ford African Rain Forest, opened in 1988. Since that time, 19 gorillas have been born at Zoo Atlanta. 17 of them still reside at the zoo.