Top Ten {Tuesday} Things I Want to Make With Jell-O

1. Stained Glass Jell-O by Brown Eyed Baker

2. Edible Jell-O Ocean Cups by So Family

3. Jell-O Marshmallows by Mama Moderne

4. Layered Jell-O by Cafe Zupas

5. Rainbow Jell-O by Do Better

6. Jell-O “Blood” Worms by The Idea Room

7. Orange Cteamsicle Jell-O by The Food Librarian

8. Sea Glass Jell-O by Recipe Girl

9. Jell-O Homemade Ice Pops by Cafe Zupas

10. Jell-O Filled Citrus by Crazy Domestic

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  1. Sarah Kelly says:

    The worms look sooo gross! I bet they would be a hit at a kids Halloween party, though! Jello popsicles are a great idea…i’ve never heard of them but i’d imagine they’re delicious!

    visiting from Top 10 Tuesday 🙂

  2. LucidLotus says:

    I love the sea glass and the rainbow:) I once went to a birthday party where they had something similar to the ocean cups, but there were gummy sharks inside the jello. The kids thought they were crazy rad:)

  3. Wonder says:

    this made me smile. i tried the rainbow jello one time…it didn’t look as pretty as the pictures but it was yummy!

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m not so sure about the worms, but the rest of that looks great! My kids are always begging to make jello, and now we’ve got a few new ideas.

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