Meet the Disney Character: Duchess from The Aristocats

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Disney Character!

Recently, we joined the Disney Movie Club, so we have acquired some new Disney features to enjoy. One of the movies that we have purchased is The Aristocats.

We met Marie on on our trip to Disney last month. I wasn’t all that familiar with her, so I knew that it was time to watch The Aristocats again. Raileigh had never seen it before, so I have enjoyed watching her get to know that cats that star in this wonderful movie.

Today, we’ll get to know the mama feline, who is known as Duchess.

Featured in: The Aristocats, 1970 (re-released in theaters 1981 and 1987)

Voiced by: Eva Gabor

Also Known As: Mama, Baby

Appearance: White, Furry, Pure Bread Persian Cat, Blue eyes, Gold studded collar

Personality: Elegant, Ladylike, Protective, Caring, Devoted, Kind, Friendly

Home: Madame Bonfamille’s Mansion

Occupation: Cat; Mother to Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse

Duchess is a main female protagonist in the film The Aristocats. She is a mama cat to Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. Duchess lives in the mansion of retired opera singer Madame Bonfamille, along with her three kittens. Madame Bonfamille is devoted to Duchess and her kittens, and Duchess is devoted to her.

Madame Bonfamille meets with a lawyer and discusses her last wishes about her vast inheritance. She would like to leave it to Duchess and her kittens. After the cats have passed, her butler, Edgar, would take over the inheritance. Edgar overhears this and is angered. He vows to get rid of the cat family because he feels they will outlive him, and he will never see any of the inheritance. Edgar drugs the 4 cats with milk mixed with sleeping pills. He cat naps the family and leaves them in the French countryside.

Duchess meets an old alley cat, Thomas O’Malley. He offers to guide them back to their home in Paris. The return is truly an adventure. Marie falls into a river and is saved by Thomas. They also meet a pair of French geese. The motley crew eventually makes it back to Paris.

The search is not over, though. They still must make it back to the mansion. Though Thomas O’Malley and Duchess have became smitten with one another, Duchess refuses to stay and start a life with Thomas. She is loyal to Madame Bonfamille.

Duchess and the kittens finally make it back to the mansion. Here, they say good-bye to Thomas O’Malley Edgar sees the cats coming up the walk. He stuffs them in a bag and hides them in an oven. Duchess sends a mouse friend to get Thomas so that he can rescue them. Meanwhile, Edgar takes Duchess and her kittens, hides them in a trunk, and plans to send them off to Africa. Thomas O’Malley arrives with a gang of his cat friends. They fight Edgar and free Duchess and the three kittens. Edgar falls into the trunk himself and winds up being shipped to Africa.

Madame Bonfamille re-writes her will to include Thomas O’Malley and and any future generations of kittens he has with Duchess. A foundation is also created to support and house all of the stray cats in Paris.

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