Enjoy the 67th Annual Sunrise Service at Stone Mountain Park

I absolutely love Easter Sunday. It celebrates an important part of my faith. I also enjoy all of the people it brings together, donning their Sunday best to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I have always wanted to attend a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. To me, starting off such a special day this way would be incredibly wonderful.

If you are in the Atlanta area, I wanted to share one special Sunrise Service with you that would be absolutely amazing to attend.

Gates and Summit Skyride Open at 4am

Service time is 7am (arrive early to allow for crowds)

There will be 2 simultaneous services- One at the top of Stone Mountain and one at the Memorial Hall Terrace

Vehicle Parking is $10 for a one day permit or $35 for an annual parking pass (HIGHLY recommended!). Church buses and vans can enter and park for free.

If you’d like to attend the Mountain Top Service, you can hike the 1.2 mile trail to the top of the mountain or ride the Summit Skyride. The Summit Skyride is $9/ adult and $7/ child (ages 3- 11) for a round trip ride. You can also buy a one way ticket for $5.50 if you would like to hike either up or down.

The service will be non-denominational and is presented by the Stone Mountain Ministerial Association.

For more information about Stone Mountain Park, please visit the Stone Mountain Park website.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I am a regular visitor to Stone Mountain park and wanted to share this amazing event with all of you.

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  1. Dee says:

    Funny you posted this! I was reading about it this past weekend on their website-it looks amazing. We won’t be in Atlanta that weekend, but plan to take the kids to Stone Mountain in the next few weeks.

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